Part 1: Are Somalis Caucasian? African? or mixed? Let’s find out!!



  1. Isaac Ali says:

    She said waxaas wax makajiraan ??? legend

  2. I thought you was gonna have more Europeans, forgive me…! ? But you are a Black-Sister!!!#African

  3. Abdi Piano says:

    I'm 100% somalian and I want pretty babe like you.

  4. Dam your sub Saharan african dna is that high that’s crazy!

  5. Im pakistani pashtun/pakhtun (ethinic afghan) and only got 5% south aisan
    Pakhtun is an ethinic group in west pakistan and east afghanistan along the borders
    In pakistan the poppulation if from 50 mip to 65 and in afghanistan its is 25 mill howwver in afghanistan it is the majority and in pakistan it is the second largest ethinic group

  6. Wikipedia refers to Somalia as an Arab state. What !!!! Seriously tho

  7. On my Dad's myheritagedna. It specifically says Somalia. Sub Sahara is way to Broad and generic

  8. You are gorgeous, a true African!

  9. you don't look like an somali person..

  10. hamrite says:

    You look like a Peul, a group from sub sahara ! Great looking people !

  11. You are most welcome to india.

  12. south sahara: are all african countries south of sahara including sudan kenya zambia congo etc but NOT the way u put it to your mum.

  13. Jazz c says:

    I believe your mom! We know who we are we don't need a faulty white man made test to tell us who we are!

  14. Katrina S says:

    Your dna results make perfect sense as there is a west Asian influence in that region hence the unique look ethopians /Somali people have

  15. youlook indian and indien people use to live in mogdisho so what

  16. BTW You are so gorgeous. I would be your slave for life LOL

  17. LOL how people live in denial. European blood could go all the way back to Roman/Phoenicians/Egyptians (Greeks) traders. Well documented that they traded through Red Sea to Arab * East Africa coast.

  18. Lots of south Indians migrated into Kenya to work for the British so no surprise that one too up with a Somali.

  19. European not possible? LOL Never mind that Italians occupied a large chunk of Somalia & Ethiopia (Eritrea) or that English in Kenya could easily have married/had relations with a Somali.

  20. somali moms know their family line like the back of their hands, so she made me laugh when she said banta ika da loool, fun fact about Somalians: one time I was talking with one Palestinian guy and shockingly told me somalian are the only people that know their family tree can freestyle it for you, and I was like I know .

  21. Dude am I the only somali that came up 98% east African ??‍♀️ lol the rest is North Africa.

  22. Diana Y says:

    1% or less is usually statistical noise and not accurate.. so i don't think you'd have euro in you, like your mum said.

  23. Tam says:

    Why the people from the HOA dream too much? How can you forecast 96% East African with that look?

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