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Story time and 23andMe DNA Test Results! WHAT AM I?!

Story time and 23andMe DNA Test Results! WHAT AM I?!

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VIDEO Meeting my Mom’s Biological Family for the FIRST TIME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrSIJsfpL_Y

Hi guys! I have an amazing story – I posted a video from the past weekend and I’ll be doing another video telling the story more in detail.. But this is my 23andMe DNA test and Results! I think 23andMe offers the best DNA test for a great price. It gives you a ton of information and allows you to download your RAW genome so you can upload it to a multitude of websites to get more data. Your genome is the personal code to your life!

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22 thoughts on “Story time and 23andMe DNA Test Results! WHAT AM I?!

  1. Europe East
    Iberian Peninsula
    Native American
    Europe West
    Europe South
    Great Britain
    European Jewish
    Middle East
    < 1%

  2. Thank you for sharing! Also, thank you for mentioning Promethease, as it seems that that gives a lot of information about what diseases to look out for and try to avoid.

  3. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? also nice video

  4. I really love your shirt

  5. Never saw anyone with so many jewish percentage. Do you know where it comes from? There maybe a very interesting story behind that. I'm very curious

  6. Robert Yi says:

    Yes it's preference on this person part. but underlining it all is a racist outlook.

  7. Robert Yi says:

    No it read 10. native american. typical. I noticed folk just bypass when any asian is in their dna. Racism . Yes racism. no other way to explain.
    What's crazier is asian when they find one of less then percent they talk about it if it is less then .1 percent European
    what a joke it's just racism.

  8. steve boy says:

    12% wont get you tribal affiliation

  9. Jamie G says:

    Your voice is similar to Gwen Stefani's a bit.

  10. LaZrMystic says:

    Tits are on point

  11. Kai says:

    Before watching this I'm gonna assume majority white and maybe something else

  12. jes but you must understand that neantertals were a strong people more strong than human human only survive to this thay because of one thing humans find out how to throw spears they use them for hunt and killing neantertals thats is teason why humans survive and neantertals die away but they are trouly deadh in some of our genes you can find still neanthertal genes bicause araund that time when neanderthals where starting to go extinct the neanderthals have how to say that they have sex with humans and thats why some of people carry neanderthal genes

  13. RK NINE says:

    There's no such thing as "Native Americans". Even the Indians are immigrants migrating from Asia.

  14. Well I hope your boyfriend is really into speed talking …. You are one fast mamma jama ..

  15. JohnProph says:

    very similar to Stevie Nicks in face and voice

  16. Alon Alian says:

    Your iberian and north african dna came toghter with the ashkenazi from your dad side one of your anscter might be sephardic jewish.

  17. It's 12.0 get glasses

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