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TRUTH: I’m Not Full Vietnamese! DNA TEST

TRUTH: I’m Not Full Vietnamese! DNA TEST

is Kyle Le full Vietnamese?
Dr. Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde’s Book: https://www.amazon.com/Transnationalizing-Viet-Nam-Community-Politics/dp/1439906807


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Thank You Jon for the DNA test.

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45 thoughts on “TRUTH: I’m Not Full Vietnamese! DNA TEST

  1. Please reach out to me and follow me on social media for real time updates. YouTube edit delay means I might be a few days or weeks behind on here. Thank you ahead. Oahu, I just landed.

  2. deion le says:

    good work kyle hope to see more i know it is not easy to make one

  3. Arma Lol says:

    dumb as fk ever video. no shit you vietnamese are mix with chinese. no wonder this channel is dead.

  4. You don’t look like your typical Vietnames.You look like the typical Southeast Asian (Lao, Thai, Filipino etc)

  5. jaco han says:

    Why do Vietnamese have so many Chinese DNA.

  6. I really enjoyed Dr. Linh, she is very articulate and knowledgeable of what she is talking about. I am glad to see an Asian woman who is in her position. As for DNA test, I used AncestryDNA test but I am not sure if I am comfortable accepting the result since AncestryDNA told me that they don't have very big Asian DNA bank to compare my result with. I am 75% Chinese and the result shows that I am not even Chinese. Three of my grandparents came from China, so I know I am Chinese. I am thinking about going with 23andMe and give it a try, what do you think?

  7. You got highest Vietnamese DNA in whole YouTube. Lols

  8. Our ancester's Legend is about a mixed marriage between a Heavenly fairy and a sea dragon remember? Our race is a mixture between the Polynesian which is the (dragon of the Sea) and the people from the mountain which is the (fairy) from the mountain of Northern Vietnam. The bond of these two groups created us. We were always mix from the very beginning.

  9. NG THDuy says:

    85% vietnamese is actually pretty high. I didn't do the test yet but I know I have French and Chisese genes too.

  10. I stumbled across your channel while browsing YouTube … I find you to be a great storyteller a fine young man with a big heart to help others.. And your videos of Vietnam in particular are heartwarming charming and awe inspiring.. Keep up the good work your family must be so proud to have as son like you!!!

  11. your genetic is only a part but its not the main part that define your identity, it's the environment that you grow up. You can have anyone with full fledged asian but they just don't care about their genetic rather than think themselves as whites or something else.

  12. Warcy says:

    From your facial feature, you are a mixture of Han Chinese and Austroasiatic Muong or Khmer.

    These so-called genetic tests are a scam. Vietnam has 54 ethnicities, China has 56 ethnicities so there's no such thing as Vietnamese ethnicity. Vietnamese is a nationality and not ethnicity, the same goes with Chinese.

    These genetic tests group people based on nationality and not ethnicity which is grossly wrong. It's just like saying that blacks and white in American have the same genes just because they are from the same country. LOL.

  13. Aimi Geη says:

    No one is truly full genetically Viet. We're all weird mixes of Viet, Chinese, Cambodian, Lao and tribal DNA.
    Kind of describes Viet culture, if you think about it lol

  14. In reference to you mentioning you might have liked to work etc. in London for a while….. Wonder if you had considered doing a Postgrad course at London Univ etc. ? I believe a number of UK universities are recognised by the US student loan programme. (At least they were about 4 – 5 Years ago). Anyway good luck with all your future plans.

  15. Don't you know your ancient history of Vietnam? China historically colonized Vietnam in the ancient past for a period of more than three hundred years. It was long enough that Chinese characters as a written language was adopted by the Vietnamese, but China eventually left. Then fast forward much much later on to the recent part of history, the French came to colonize Vietnam and changed their use of Chinese characters to alphabets, and eventually was kicked out by the Japanese during WWII. But the remnants of the past lingers on persistently to this day. Hence all Vietnamese Buddhist temples still uses Chinese characters, even with the newly built ones. It seems the Chinese culture, tradition and religion inherently became part of the majority of Vietnamese psyche forever. To put the historical timeline into perspective, your great grandparents would not have been able to read contemporary Vietnamese writing because they all used to write in Chinese characters but pronounces them in Vietnamese. Even around half a century ago, there were still some very old Vietnamese elderly who could only read and write Chinese characters, not the alphabet form. Any ancient Vietnamese textbooks that if still in existence in museum are all written in Chinese characters.

    Vietnamese new year and all other festive events throughout every year is identical to Chinese festive events and that is not going to change. The French succeeded in changing the written form of Vietnamese, but the meanings of all of the "formal" Vietnamese words can still be be "directly" translated into the "exact" meanings of its Chinese characters. No other languages in the world can do that except between Vietnamese and Chinese words.

    Consequently it would not surprise anyone who knows their history well that Vietnamese in general have some Chinese DNA in them. A lot of Vietnamese in Ha Noi even looks more Chinese than the Southern Chinese themselves. This is probably because they got more of the DNA from Northern Chinese, say like people from Beijing looks quite different from people from Guangzhou in Southern China because Northern Chinese tend to look more like Korean than Chinese in the South.

    Interesting video by the way. Not many people wants to spend the money or have the inclination to do a DNA test that was offered to you.

  16. Family myth my mom always believed she was 1/2 Chinese only to find out she has 0% Chinese but is mixed mostly with Vietnamese, Cambodian, Dai, Hmong, Lahu, Mongolian, Indian (India), & Oceanic. She is fair skinned tans easily, but quite exotic-very high cheekbones and large eyes.

  17. Tram Hicks says:

    She is lovely and interesting.

  18. 59.6% Laos, with some Vietnamese (but tested closer to Laos), 40% Chinese/broadly East Asian, my parents told me all my ancestors were Vietnamese, not mixed.

  19. Which service did you use for your DNA Test?

  20. Nobody is 100% anything anything, nowadays.

  21. just about all people, in this part of the world, have chinese DNA,

  22. Cool. Got it. I've very much enjoyed watching your channel. So… Go for it Kyle, you have all the talent in the world!

  23. Only the says:

    Not vnese just south vnese ?

  24. chyna Nhua says:

    Hey Kyle, you have to meet Kelly Le in Toronto, Canada. She is beautiful inside and out. Her charity is to help and protect young children from sex trafficking. Here is a link of a video of her recent trip back to VN. Much love to you? I love your videos on Vietnamese people around the world. Take care. https://youtu.be/Ee4b1cR_YJg

  25. Could you have flown out of Long Beach to go to Sacramento on JetBlue?

  26. Ha Le says:

    Watched and liked.

  27. T. Le says:

    It is impossible To Be 100 percent Vietnamese.. Because of the Vietnamese Origin Story of the Fairy and The Dragon… Also… The True History of Vietnam has origins depicted in Chinese Folk Lore.. So Look at the surrounding Nations/Countries/Provinces/Tribes and you will find the True Vietnamese is encompassing of all these Cultures… Mongolian is very Prominent in True Vietnamese Genetics…

  28. If you look at the people in S.E. Asia they all look similar (Thai, Lao, Filipino, Cambodian, Indonesian etc) they look pretty similar except Viets who look like they are mixed with Chinese not all but most of them

  29. iNfLx says:

    Hey kyle how tall are you

  30. Alot of Viets have large amounts of Chinese blood. The two countries are right next to each other and why are you shocked? Seems like Viets like to deny China smh!!

  31. Sam says:

    Thanks for the great videos.

  32. You look Cambodian or Laos and even Filipino I seen multiple videos of Filipinos being 100 percent Southeast Asia but I wish my skin was dark and my eyes ain't hella small I'm Viet I like being dark more than being light complexion

  33. john doe says:

    I'm 29 and Vietnamese too, come out to San Diego

  34. NYC Bettas says:

    Bron I totally agree with her when she's describing your work

  35. KCBabe says:

    Hey! Sorry not in Europe but can help and offer a guest room if you visit NYC. Enjoy your vids. Safe travels and keep following your passions!!! ☺

  36. She has the generalized leftist liberal university professor look and demeanor. California is definitely her state.

  37. Chapo Peti says:

    Amazing job here, it was so interesting, i have an even more better point of view about relationship between viet kieu and vietnam. About your dna test, it don't surprise me, lot of vietnamese are also chinese (and indian) but don't know it due to a complex history between china and vietnam. A lot of vietnamese actually hate chinese ,your work is important to make people remember or know better their own root. Thanks from france

  38. that's sucks We got fucking Chinese in our dna

  39. Andrew Lee says:

    These genetic test are not accurate for Asians. They're terribly inaccurate.

  40. It Sucks I'm Vietnamese not my real picture and name obviously know I have some in me I really don't like it ):

  41. jmarcano66 says:

    I love Vietnam. The people are friendly. Can't wait till next Christmas for my 4th trip.

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