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Uploading 23andMe data to Wegene

Uploading 23andMe data to Wegene

For people who want to know how to get their data into Wegene from 23andMe.
Edit 2/2018: Gene relationship/relatives is now the green circle under “Explore”.
My grandma knows that I made this video and also the email I used is a junk one.



1 thought on “Uploading 23andMe data to Wegene

  1. Caged Jock says:

    My question is there wasn't a function for me to hit upload so I could import the raw data into wegene so how do I do that? I did go into 23andme to download the raw data into my computer. When I got to wegene at the section where I was suppose to import but there wasn't any box for me to select upload, find the file in my drive, upload then import. How does Wegene know where my raw file is?

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