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Veda (4) : 23 and Me DNA results, Puerto Rican

Veda (4) : 23 and Me DNA results, Puerto Rican

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16 thoughts on “Veda (4) : 23 and Me DNA results, Puerto Rican

  1. mindful says:

    So you are white. Congratulations!

  2. That’s interesting,a lot of Puerto Rican’s have a lot of European in them.

  3. Hi Kris!!!!! You are one of the people that inspired me to do my own test. I did it a few weeks ago and I am waiting on my results. I just did a video and we will see what pops up with my spit!!!! Happy New Year!

  4. So your a white chick (European=75%, MiddleEastern/North African=2.6%…so that's almost 80% WHITE) with some lesser mitochondrial genetic evidence of Native America (10%), Sub-Saharan "Black" (6%)…and even lesser amounts of other stuff.

    Here's the deal…celebrate your majority ancestry because that is how people see you…you will NEVER be confused for a Zulu or a Mohawk…

    …even though YT is infested with FAKE Tainos from the Bronx wearing Apache War Paint, screaming Comanche War Cries and doing Hopi Rain Dances in the Puerto Rican Day Parade and making fools of themselves.

    I am also from Puerto Rico and my profile came back with 34% Irish of my 89% European DNA profile, but I am hardly going to start painting my face green on St. Patrick's day.

  5. Ben Cruz says:

    I enjoyed your video, very well explained!

  6. Do you BLACK people want to raise your status, by LYING making FAKE DATA, and INTIMIDATING us? Go PAINT yourself WHITE. You may be more successful.

  7. Myron Smith.. Recognize the one-drop of blood concept came from KKK and racist in the south. They consider it a win when groups of black use it…don't use it.WAKE UP and THROW THOSE CHAINS of oppression OFF! Lets do away with SLAVE MENTALITY now!! Don't be Uncle Tom. ●-●-●-●-● \❚/ ●-●-●-●-● BRAKE THE SLAVE MENTALITY.

  8. You look like a middle eastern woman

  9. Midnight says:

    Hey, you look like a Greek woman. upload your results to Wegene

  10. AYYY Boriqua Pride!!!! But yes if the color of skin proves anything it is that slavery exists. I am Puerto Rican and not mixed with anything else and I know if I took a DNA test it will come up that I am spaniard just based on my complexion and hair color. But hola mi amora my name is Sirena and I am the creator of a little read-a-thon called Let's Be Mermaids Read-a-thon and I am currently looking for host. I know this comment is a little out of place but I saw your comment on Benjamin of Thomes video about YA mermaid books and I had to try to get in contact with you. I can give you more info about the read-a-thon if you are interested just DM on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/followthebooks

  11. Why when people mention Africa there whole personality changes

  12. akemi says:

    So cool I just sent my 23 and me kit last week . I wonder if we are related. ( I'm half Puerto Rican). Most of my matches on ancestry are Puerto Rican.

  13. Congratulations thank you for sharing. I enjoy the video

  14. This was sooo interesting!!! Thanks for sharing! I am 100% Puertorican and I am dying to d this. One question: Which test from 23&me did you do? Saludos!!

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