Home DNA AncestorWeekly Wrapup 164 – Plex Privacy, 23andMe, Sonic Mania, and More:
Weekly Wrapup 164 – Plex Privacy, 23andMe, Sonic Mania, and More:

Weekly Wrapup 164 – Plex Privacy, 23andMe, Sonic Mania, and More:

Sponsored by the iRoller – http://lon.tv/iroller – This week we look at the new Plex privacy policy, personal PCs getting more personal, Sonic Mania, and more! See all of this week’s mentioned videos: http://lon.tv/ww164 and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s — Index below:

00:09 – Share your eclipse experiences!
00:33 – Patreon Thank Yous
01:02 – Ad: iRoller – http://lon.tv/iroller
02:55 – Week in review
05:38 – Why I use the Blackmagic Diskspeed Test
07:23 – Week 24 Vlog: Reuploaders are not cool
09:22 – On My Mind: 23andMe Mini Review
12:40 – News: 8th gen Intel chips to improve performance
13:48 – News: Google pays Apple billions for default search
15:09 – Q&A: Plex privacy changes
20:29 – Q&A: PCs are way more personal in the 21st century
22:37 – Q&A: My thoughts on Sonic Mania
25:03 – Q&A For You: Have you had your DNA analyzed?
25:28 – Channel of the Week: http://lon.tv/wendover
26:08 – Coming up this week
28:26 – Helping the channel
29:07 – My other channels and feeds

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Wrapup 164 – Plex Privacy, 23andMe, Sonic Mania, and More:

  1. Don Parker says:

    do not have a privacy tab in settings

  2. Fa Vang says:

    PLEX… time for downgrade or new software… Next thing you'll know they'll report you to the police for watching pirated media or send your info to google. And serve ads for non-owners.

  3. Thanks to Jason from bytemybits

  4. jtn191 says:

    I got a 360 video of the eclipse from the beach 🙂 was slightly less awesome due to a bit of cloud cover though. Cheers, Lon. Psyched for Sonic Mania on PC!

  5. I'm curious if the CEO of Plex reached out to you about the backlash the privacy policy started this past weekend like they did with Jason on Byte My Bits channel? As much as you work with them I'd hope they would value your input as well.

  6. Unless you are sending into an actual testing lab for actual specific DNA testing, most these places are used, if not owned by some form or faction of the Mormon church in collecting their massive database of genealogy records on everyone. If you don't mind that, no worries. If you want an actual screening, arrange one with your doctor.

  7. How do you feel about 23andMe taking your data that you paid to be processed and using it for advertising purposes as well as selling it to other companies? Also the founder of 23andMe was formerly married to one Google's founders, Sergey Brin, so they likely have a partnership to sell your data to Google especially considering Google has invested Millions of dollars into the company.

    Is it worth knowing your ancestry and such to essentially hand all of that data to a company who is using it to sell to other companies?

  8. Greg Ernst says:

    re: the research you are doing on the Parsec doo-dad : I know you are a stickler for time management, so I am wondering when do you say "enough is enough" when researching a product to review? Wondering (as usual !) about your behind the scenes biz metrics if you have any hard and fast limits in time investment per product review.

    Lastly, In 7 short years I volunteer to live stream the next Eclipse from Ohio – we will have 99% coverage right over my house 😉

  9. Greg Ernst says:

    Agree with your sentiments about 23andme. Got this for a close family member recently. Results were so generic they were almost pointless/useless. I wasn't aware you could send your data along to 3rd party analysis, sounds cool though… you got deeper into the details than I got.

  10. If you like Wendover Productions, check out RealLifeLore. The overall style is somewhat similar, but I find RLL's topics a bit more interesting.

  11. 11:14 scared me i though my gpu wasn't failing again lol

  12. Savagery and BS as usual. Can we trust any business's word anymore?

  13. It was cloudy in my area as well. I managed to grab this image with my DSLR through the lens of an old welding mask:

  14. As soon as I opened that Plex privacy change email, I knew it was trouble. You can't blame them for trying to improve their service and needing telemetry data but jumping ship isn't an option right now since other platforms just aren't there yet.

  15. Google constantly makes their services available on most platforms. For a long time, they have tried their best to play nicely with Apple. So it's not surprising to see them continuing to do so. Now, when I see Apple start to let people use Facetime on Android, my mind will be blown.

  16. was in the path of totality in Missouri, it was absolutely amazing. dont have ay good pics, but i hope to see that drone video!

  17. I just came across your channel it's awesome I'm binge watching now

  18. Did you happen to see that Packard Bell has apparently come back to the US market? JC Penney is apparently selling a Packard Bell laptop now, making it the first Packard Bell computer to be sold in the United States in over 20 years.

  19. Been Plex Pass yearly sub for a few years now. Love it. However, always want to keep my options open. Could we see a review of Emby server / HDHomerun integration? Know you occasionly sponsor Plex videos…don't want you to step on any toes.

  20. Redge says:

    Lon love the show, been watching for a few months now. Keep up the good work

  21. respibob says:

    I have watching this channel a lot. Very good and interesting content! https://www.youtube.com/user/NoSmallPartsShow

  22. I personally didn't mind the Plex privacy policy changes. Pretty much all the other products and services we use (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc) do that, so what's the difference in adding a company to that list?

  23. About Plex. I think that having the availability to see what they are sending to their servers is an awesome thing to do. I love using Plex, and thanks to all your videos I have a really neat setup at home that I will be expanding on the near future. Thanks for all your videos and awesome hint and tips.

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