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WHAT I GOT FOR MY 24TH BIRTHDAY (+ meet my pony!)

WHAT I GOT FOR MY 24TH BIRTHDAY (+ meet my pony!)

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Urban Outfitters Shearling Pillow https://rstyle.me/n/c5pdercb6cp
Miss Selfridge blazer https://rstyle.me/n/c5pdfecb6cp
Topshop shoes https://rstyle.me/~avEiS

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28 thoughts on “WHAT I GOT FOR MY 24TH BIRTHDAY (+ meet my pony!)

  1. ive never been a confident rider, i like a nice wtc with good brakes, it’s relaxing. there’s nothing in it for me that screams at me to be a top competitor either ?

  2. omgggggg he is soooooooo cute,duny(?)

  3. happy birthday boo,you're such a sweet soul!

  4. Isal tom says:

    You and Dany are beautiful ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely girl !

  5. Laura N says:

    The story about getting your pony back made me cry! How lovely is your sister?!

  6. Haha omg I totally feel you on the age thing. I'm 28 and get told I look 17 all the time. It's so frustrating ?? also love your vids as always!!

  7. T. D says:

    Happy birthday! And…a pony???!!!! Wow.

  8. Corey Holt says:

    This is such a basic American bitch comment but your accent is so pleasing to listen to ☺️

  9. Corey Holt says:

    That blazer is amazing! Your nan has great taste! Lol

  10. Usman Azam says:

    I honestly thought you were like 21. Also, don’t stress yourself because your not in your mid twenties just yet. Fantastic gifts by the way.

  11. Corey Holt says:

    Would not have guess you were 2 yrs older than me woah. Happy birthday!

  12. That is the sweetest gift. Happy birthday!

  13. Make sure you download your raw dna file so you can find your matches on ancestry.com and MyHeritage.com. You'll bee able to access more matches and dna profile information. I used my ancestry dna to connect through multiple sites and it's great to have all of them!

  14. That is such an amazoni present, I actually tested up about the story of your pony ❤️❤️ Enjoy all your time together!

  15. Awwwwww that is soooo sweet of your sister!!! Congrats!!!

  16. Brandi R. says:

    Beautiful! Happy birthday! Beautiful Dani ! Thank you for sharing ☺?

  17. Happy belated birthday!! ???
    Glad you had a great one!

    Danny is beautiful!

  18. Omg same I’m not the most confident rider either??

  19. You had me crying when you told about your pony! I use to have two horses and both of them died in the same year and I would do anything to see them again <3 Also, I had my 24th birthday couple weeks ago and it kinda scares me, because I don't have my life in very good order yet and I'm supposed to be on my mid twenties!

  20. That's so cute that you got your pony back!! And that pillow is to die for!

  21. Happy Birthday! Mid 20s is an awesome time…enjoy! <3

  22. I’m 20 and just after turning 19 I got asked if I wanted the kids menu in a restaurant… I feel your pain ??‍♀️

  23. Happy birthdayy!!!❤️❤️

  24. Happy belated birthday!!

  25. You got so many lovely presents! So glad you had a lovely birthday!! So excited to come meet Danny one day in the summer!
    I also really need need one of those pillows in my life. And I'm desperate to do one of those ancestry DNA tests!! ❤

  26. I'm just a simple equestrian, I see a horsey I click

  27. Love you Georgia ? happy late birthday from California ?

  28. Tusky says:


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