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What Is My Ethnicity? / 23 And Me Results

What Is My Ethnicity? / 23 And Me Results

Hi guys!
I had been wanting to take this test for a while and I finally did! The results were a bit different than I was expecting, for sure. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “What Is My Ethnicity? / 23 And Me Results

  1. Cutie I love your results cool

  2. Pluraliste says:

    I'm Moroccan from both parent and I scored 30% NA. Unless Berber other Moroccans are predominately mixed with south European and middle eastern.

  3. Nice results, I would suggest trying the test of 24Genetics with the 23andme raw data that you already have. You´ll find so much more information about the precise world regions you are from

  4. muh n mas says:

    Congrats on the nice results !
    Many NA have significant Iberian percentages (especially northern Moroccans), so you Iberian might not only be from your dads' side.

  5. Italian/Sardinian is Roman. And part of your European is obviously from your north African side of the family, they usually have high percetnages of Spanish ancestry, so that adds to your Iberian and Broadly Southern European.

  6. Imti H. says:

    Very interesting result
    You should join our Facebook group, it’s a North Africa dna group and we compare test results

  7. Angel Lee says:

    Hey awesome results, you're very pretty!
    PS: You could pass as well for Eastern European very easily. 🙂

  8. MaMa 2020x says:

    The Sub-Saharan African is probably linked to the North African as most North Africans have some SSA ancestry.

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