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Where Are We Really From? | 23 And Me DNA Submission

Where Are We Really From? | 23 And Me DNA Submission

Today we are are sending in our DNA samples to 23 And Me to get a little bit more information on our ethnic background as well as learn a little bit about our health in relation to our DNA. As soon as we get the test results back we will be posting a video to show you. =)

23 And Me: http://amzn.to/2CCtahu

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15 thoughts on “Where Are We Really From? | 23 And Me DNA Submission

  1. Classic Vietnamese found you in a dumpster .. half American/Vietnamese

  2. All Vietnamese children have been told that they are collected from a dumpster :)) I guess only american babies are brought home by the storks lol.

  3. This is awesome pretty interesting 🙂 would definitely love to try this out with André ❤️
    You guys are always so hilarious ?

  4. Jed Huang says:

    load the 23andme result into the Wegene. Wegene gave more accurate on Asian divided by country.

  5. Where's yesterday video guys?

  6. ray beazz says:

    Whaaaat you are half German? I'm from Germany and I'm very surprised right now.

  7. My parents told me they got me from a dumbster too …. LOL. It's pretty common in our area. My nationality is Indian but, I was born and brought up and still Iives in The United Arab Emirates…

  8. Happy new years vince and linh…hopefully we can get 2 videos a week soon

  9. Vince – I'm really curious if you have any Viking. Legend is that the Ainu people(Grandpa) were invaded by the Vikings. The reason why your dad could grow a red beard.

  10. But Vince cant speak german right?

  11. Leng Phe says:

    Got me curious now too!

  12. I got my box on saturday and did it the same day just got a wait for results in 6-8 weeks. So ready for it.

  13. Happy New Year to you Vince and Linn!

  14. Viet says:

    i feel like every vietnamese parent tells their kids that they picked them up from the dumbster xD

  15. LMBO at the intro!!!! Just having to spit in there would gross me out lol I had to skip that part!

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