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23 and me dna results

23 and me dna results

so my 23andme.com dna results gave me more questions than answers. i was always told by my grandmother and mom that maw maw (grandmother) was raped by a half black half native american man and had mom when she was 14. mom was born in 1945. but turns out that may not be true. i grew up mostly in and out the system. foster care and grouphomes.


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  1. mindful says:

    Interesting story bro. Please don’t upgrade to get the health results from 23andMe. Instead use promethease which is far better and much cheaper. Thanks for sharing!

  2. All families are weird and have their quirks. You seem to be doing a great job by trying to give your daughter a sense of family. I think your family story was interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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