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23AndMe \ 100% Nicole

23AndMe \ 100% Nicole

Director: Diego Contreras
DOP: Guillermo Garza
Producer: Jonathan Dawes
1st AD: Aaron Paulson
EP: Luke Ricci
CEO: Todd Makurath
Production Company: Bullitt

Service Company: The Lift MX
Mexico Producer: Sandra Solares
Prod. Designer: Hania Robledo
Set Decorator – Maria Paz Gonzales
1st AC: Mauricio Waldo
2nd AC: Christian Sanchez
Steadicam: Chris Gibson
Gaffer: Rafa Rodriguez
Key Grip: Geovani Rodriguez

White House Post
Edit: Martin Leroy
Producer: Leah Carnahan
EP: Joni Williamson

Colorist: Gregory Reese @ The Mill

Carbon VFX
Lead Compositor: John Price
Compositor: Jim Gomez
Designer: Mat Stevens
Producer: Devon Irete
EP: Matthew MacManus


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