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23andMe ancestry/ethnicity reveal

23andMe ancestry/ethnicity reveal

Hey hey hey ??. About a month ago I took a DNA test through 23andMe . I just wanted to share my results ! Results starts at 1:38 ???Remember to follow me on Instagram: Paolafernandaxo


24 thoughts on “23andMe ancestry/ethnicity reveal

  1. Greetings. Firstly, there were no slaves; your African ancestors were enslaved, the process of dehumanizing people, wiping out their true identities, and reducing them to “property”. Also, you shouldn’t take your results as “factual” but just estimates. You question your Iberian being Portuguese. The only way to verify that is to see if you have any Portuguese cousin matches. Furthermore, a genetic genealogist has recently argued that all these ancestry DNA tests provide unreliable estimates and the only two methods for obtaining accuracy on your ancestry is to pay close close attention to your close genetic cousin matches and look at your ancestral makeup across all 22 chromosomes via chromosome painting (offered through gedmatch.com). Also, you can’t read your results and accurately interpret them without having an understanding of the regions. Also, “blackness” is not an ethnicity as you are aware. It is simply a socio-political term imposed on Africans of diverse ethnic background who were stripped of their humanity. As Fanon, a psychiatrist of African descent stated: Black and white came into existence at the moment of imperial conquest. Neither exists without the other. In other words, “blackness” is slavery and post-slavery talk.

  2. meli mel says:

    Omg!! We could be cousins or something!! LOL!! I had almost identical results to yours except my percentage for Iberian was in Spain rather than Portugal. I was also surprised to only see 15% of Spanish in me since everyone in my family always says their grandparents and great grandparents were Spanish. Thank you for sharing!

  3. You have african features but you look obviously 50 50 black and white mix, so you shouldn't have been surprised.

  4. R Ramirez says:

    South Asian could come from a gypsy ancestor from Europe.

  5. Maya Brown says:

    Target has DNA tests? Really?? Yeah she does look like the twins.

  6. Gruesome wiry black hair. But it matches the very dark brown eyes that are hideous so it is OK….they go together with the yellowish dark brown skin.

  7. So beautiful! Subscribed!

  8. Track your lineage for free on lds.orgfamilysearch. also upload to gedmatch for free and Myheritage!

  9. Racial makeup of DR

    The genetic makeup of the Dominican Republic's population is estimated to be 60% European, 30% Black African, and 10% Native American on average according to recent genealogical DNA testing.[10] European and native components are highest in the north-central region (Cibao), while the African input is higher in the southeastern plain, and generally in coastal areas.

  10. Beautiful Mulatta/ Creole/ Brown girl! 🙂
    You have Mulatto features not Black features! You need to associate with Latinos more and know your culture.

  11. Paola, you are Multiracial because of the ethnic groups and their percentage. You look very much like your mixture. The Mowry twins are biracial because they are just black and white. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  12. Cameron says:

    I thought you were Tamera Mowry ?

  13. Ms. Smith says:

    You look like the twins

  14. Meli ssa says:

    Your North African DNA probably comes from your Iberian ancestry since North Africans occupied Spain for over 700 years. North African dna is still strong in Spain, Portugal and also Italy.
    And I know someone already told you but you definitely look like the Mowry twins lol When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Tia 🙂

  15. Lol ? Love ! I also want to find out more about my ancestors ever seen I was 11 . Because my mom , auntie and grandma have 3b hair with hazel eyes and my grandpa looks Spanish and not a Jamaican .. that always fascinated me. GREAT VID! Can’t wait to see more ?

  16. Nes Quick says:

    You remind me of the Mowry twins. Tia and Tamera

  17. Cree X says:

    Great video! Upload your raw data to Gedmatch, and DNA.Land for further research, and yeah you're pretty funny, and cute. Great video young lady!

  18. Joyce Lima says:

    You make me wanna go pick up a dna kit!!! This so was so cool to watch!!!

  19. You actually have Mixed facial features.

    You are painfully obviously Mixed and you should acknowledge your Mixeness and always put your Dominicaness on top of any north Americanized racial color made up identity.

    We Dominicans dont claim north americanized made up "blackness or whiteness" thats no part of our culture.

  20. What is your mtdna halogroup please? ty

  21. I just did mine and it is really interesting. I did ancestry DNA and I even got paired with some people. One of them was an actual descendant of a relative that we lost over time so my family is hyped. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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