Home DNA Ancestor23andMe Ancestry + Health | I’m 6.9% WHAT?! | COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS + REVIEW
23andMe Ancestry + Health | I’m 6.9% WHAT?! | COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS +  REVIEW

23andMe Ancestry + Health | I’m 6.9% WHAT?! | COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS + REVIEW


In this video, I share with you my results from 23andMe Ancestry + Health. I learned so much from this, I really think it’s super useful and informational. I actually tested positive for two variants in one of my genetic health risk reports. It was really shocking for me, but I’m taking my steps to put my health in the right direction. What results surprised you when you got yours?


(01:21): Ancestry Report Begins

(01:48): Ancestry Composition

(06:28): My DNA Family

(07:12): My Maternal Haplogroup

(08:13): Neanderthal Ancestry

(08:47): Paternal Haplogroup

(09:13): Carrier Status Reports

(09:59): Genetic Health Risk Reports

(13:05): Traits Reports

(19:22): Wellness Reports


23andMe Ancestry Only: https://bit.ly/2nx7bF2

23andMe Ancestry + Health: https://bit.ly/2oChIhy

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23 thoughts on “23andMe Ancestry + Health | I’m 6.9% WHAT?! | COMPREHENSIVE RESULTS + REVIEW

  1. I am Chilean and Irish so it is really cool to see someone else with is Latina and Irish! I recently did a DNA test and I got 30% Native American, 40% Irish and lots of other regions ?

  2. In my honest opinion 6 percent African is negligible and not visible in you so I don't see what's so special about it.

  3. Why was sub-Saharan African surprising to you? Where do you think you get your curled hair from?

  4. Hani Naz says:

    you look greek so yes

  5. olg06 says:

    Haplogroup A2 your direct line comes from a native american woman, in other words you really are a native venezuelan woman

  6. 23andme is terrible on the appearance stuff, especially if they are more rare. I have dimples, connected earlobes, a widow's peak, and cleft chin. They got none of that right. For AMD, look into taking a Lutein and Zeaxanthin supplement.

  7. Dani X says:


  8. Damn, before your reveal, in my head I guessed Irish and Greek. Was pretty spot on!

  9. Angel Lee says:

    Really cool!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Curly hair is recessive. Welcome to the club lol

  11. From what I know, people usually get together because they are attracted to each other. We shouldn't assume otherwise.

  12. your mix is pretty much mine but my percentages are some what different

  13. KEL7000 says:

    first off beautiful just beautiful and also amazing video…!!!!

  14. Woe!Cool!Native American!

  15. Mpirefilms says:

    6.9 percent is roughly a great-great grandparent. That's pretty significant. I wish there were a way we could meet our ancestors in that generation and see how we resemble them in both our features and personality. Your hair looks a little African influenced. Great video, thanks for sharing and broadening people's perception of the myth of race.

  16. Tugela60 says:

    Those low percentage numbers are not accurate, they are basically just noise. If you submit the DNA data set to another company that uses the same test but different algorithms for calculating probability you will get completely different results for those small percentage groups.

  17. p5c6s7 says:

    I would love to see you do your mother’s DNA test results since she’s from Venezuela. I’m sure she would have a beautiful mix of descendants.

  18. I wish we all as an American will know our DNA , then we will change our way of treating each other…i'm so happy for you sister…

  19. how do you feel about being African descent 6.9%…

  20. Yours is a little bit like mine tbh- Colombia and Venezuela are pretty similar, though

  21. Just when I look at your hair I know you had some African in you cool nice result

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