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23andMe and PPH Partner for DNA Testing

23andMe and PPH Partner for DNA Testing

Palomar Pomerado Health and 23andMe match up to test user’s genomes. Medical Director Jerry Kolins at PPH and 23andMe cofounders Anne Wojcicki and Linda Avey discuss the service. More information can be found at https://www.23andme.com/howitworks/


4 thoughts on “23andMe and PPH Partner for DNA Testing

  1. This was a great video~! Thanks for sharing!

  2. check out my 23andme story, i shared on The View May 25,2011
    search word Karen Durrett The view

  3. Are you looking at expanding your staff/contractors in GA?
    I would love to work on one of your projects over the summer: I am a Pharm. D. student with prior training as neurobiologist and a strong interest in health/disease data mining aimed at identifying the roles of genetics vs. prevention vs. effectiveness of treatment, the role of SNP's in outcomes and/or ADR's.

  4. metalorg says:

    I wonder if they'll sell our information to insurance companies. If they somehow get their hands on it some people will not be able to get insurance based on their genetic tests.

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