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23andMe: Getting Started USA

23andMe: Getting Started USA

In this video, we’ll cover: what’s included in your DNA test kit, and how to register, provide your sample and get your kit on its way back to our lab. Christine walks through everything that’s included in the 23andMe box, as well as how to create an account, and provide and submit your sample. When you’re ready to ship your kit, simply seal the box and drop it in the mail.

For customer support at any time during the registration process, click this link: http://23me.co/DKx9K2. International customers should click here for shipping details: http://23me.co/wBBwRu.


21 thoughts on “23andMe: Getting Started USA

  1. Flawn Msp says:

    this company targets children and they give the dna to the goverment!

  2. I just ordered mine. Do I make an account now or do I have to wait until my kit arrives?

  3. I am from the Philippines. Is it advisable for me to purchase a kit in Singapore then wait for the results online in the Philippines?

  4. Finnz 7 says:

    I threw away the shipping box

  5. Dylan H says:

    I look forward to doing this one day.

  6. Den says:

    Should I waste my money on this or Lifelock.

  7. how long did it take you guys to get your results?

  8. Jazzy F says:

    It won't let me track my package

  9. Gheza says:

    hi, do you ship to Europe ?

  10. My saliva was a lot of bubbles

  11. I put the saliva of my owner in so people think I am a human

  12. Phillip W. says:

    So if its prepaid then where is the lab fee coming from?

  13. Farshad says:

    what about the PEEL HERE thing on the box?

  14. DragonAnus says:

    she filled it past the fill line..

  15. Seems like every single youtube video has that homosexual music in the background

  16. This  video seems to be potentially useful but the background music blocks out some of the commentary. Why does it need any music at all?

  17. What is more accurate for dna, saliva or blood sample?

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