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23andme Review – Epigenetics and DNA

23andme Review – Epigenetics and DNA

00:14 Information Age and trends that are happening with genetic testing
01:06 What 23andme.com does and what their history with DNA testing and the FDA clearance
01:48 23andme.com able to still do ancestral testing and continue to do that to this day.
02:34 DNA testing for health screening was shut down in 2013 by 23andme.com
02:48 health trends: 1. information 2. prevent disease before a crisis
03:08 people want to know for themselves, own their health conditions, and make changes to to effect your genetic expression of your DNA
03:49 google has massive amounts of information
04:15 23andme.com collects massive amounts of genetic information possible downfalls of letting them have your information out in the public domain
05:10 other dangers of submitting your genetic information to companies like 23andme
05:28 recent news from 23andme has new team to start up health aspect of DNA testing – most likely in another country like Canada or Australia, they hope that will take place by the end of 2014
05:59 review of trends, 1. people want to know ancestral (family) ancestry in reality all of us come from heroes. All of us have a champion inside of us. You are a hero!
06:53 trend #2 people are looking to prevent disease and looking within to their health and well being. We are trying to find out what we need to do to be healthier.
07:25 change just 5 things about you: your positive mental attitude; your healthy eating habits and living styles; exercise; social well-being; loved and being loved.
07:37 study demonstrates we can beat the odds of major diseases through social connectivity – neighbors. Be loved, give love.
08:38 trend 3 your information used to change and own your information like on the internet. Be careful of where you submit your genetic information

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