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23andMe review plus other rambles

23andMe review plus other rambles

So I made another vlog despite not having much to say. I decided to give a brief review of 23andMe’s DNA services. I have had a positive experience with it. I also talk a little about my week at the end because why not? For some reason at the 10 minute mark, my camera has been splitting the file and when I piece it back together, there is a glitch. It did it in my last vlog as well. I will have to try to figure out what to do.


7 thoughts on “23andMe review plus other rambles

  1. I Do reviews Do , Mine Is not so much Rambles Between stuff then Crazy . In Some ways that is Rambles But
    still , My Reviews Is more About TV SHOWS , And I love my New look I put on Its Pretty Gothic . I am Bit into
    Gothic Mostly Comes from Being A big Fan of A former Radio Host and model , She still does Model But
    Radio Things not Anymore . she Did One Day Gothic Music loved it . Anyway If you want to see my Reviews its
    not About The 23andMe its funny to See someone do it but Me , nope , Not Curious at all .

  2. No Name says:

    Luv DUK!!!My phone will not charge..Email me when you get this:)

  3. No Name says:

    You're such a lovely and down-to-earth person

  4. I know nothing about my geneology. It's cool that you have an idea of how you fit into the larger sense of family though the generations.

  5. sumerias1 says:

    If it weren't for you, I wouldn't know anything about my family. Yer the bestest!

  6. Thats awesome I do a fair bit of Genealogy myself.
    Having that connection with those parts of Europe i wouldn't be surprised if the jewish bit is correct.
    My mum English my dad ukrainian . Never met him he didn't want to know .
    But i found the town he and his family are from.
    Jews in the town now a handful I think 16
    You can guess war cut figures down but not out.
    Going back they were a big chunk of the towns population . Very large .
    So i'm sure if I do DNA it will be there in my family.
    Good chance that little bit of jewish was in your ancestors

  7. Nachteule says:

    I'm German, my parents are both french and my grandparents fatherside are from Easteurope (Hungary + Croatia ect.) … so hello my dear relativ 😉
    But seriously, it's a good thing to know your roots and to conact with family members. Maybe I should do this too?! ♡

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