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23andMe vs Ancestry | DNA Testing Pt 2

23andMe vs Ancestry | DNA Testing Pt 2

If you are looking to purchase either of the kits I have the links in my previous video.

For this video I pit 23andMe against Ancestry in the battle to find out my true identity!

After doing some research multiple sources state that 23andMe is better if you want to know about the health side of you and your DNA, what you’re more prone to.

Ancestry has been stated to be better if you’re looking at lineage. I noticed differences between the two samples and I think Ancestry has more groups than 23andMe, which is why they were able to find very subtle numbers in their reports.


8 thoughts on “23andMe vs Ancestry | DNA Testing Pt 2

  1. When it says the countries it doesn't mean that you have origin in all of them, just that you have ancestry from one or more of the countries in the description.

  2. Guppy Guy says:

    23andMe results reflected my tree much more accurately

  3. Can you tell me what you’re results are for 23 and me and AncestryDNA and Compare them side by side ?

  4. Bryan wolf says:

    What do you mean by your a little bit spicy. Spaniards aren’t the ones that eat all that spice it’s the Mexicans. And Mexicans aren’t Iberian, Iberians are white (Europeans).

  5. Ta ha says:

    Different companies have differnt samples, it´s totally normal ending up this. These are all only estimates.

  6. Ta ha says:

    You could uoload your results on gedmatch.com there you can get more specific details about your heritage regions and it´s all for free

  7. Ta ha says:

    I would be more surprised about that 2% Central Asia which is pretty random and unconnected to any other

  8. Ta ha says:

    Don´t freak out about a trace region of less than 1% of something. Apart from that, Iberians are often mixed with North Africans, due to the proximity. There is nothing astonishing about that.

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