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23andme vs AncestryDNA?

23andme vs AncestryDNA?

I explain which Ancestry DNA company I prefer? 23andme or AncestryDNA? This is my opinion and all the companies are great.


4 thoughts on “23andme vs AncestryDNA?

  1. I just ordered 23andme for me, my hubby, and mother-n-law.
    I ordered before I saw your video and that's because I heard that 23andme were the best.
    We sent in the spit test yesterday…

  2. Hi there! I'm in the process of doing a 23andme ethnicity test! I know you said its $99 but when I went on the website, It said it was $199, nothing for $99.

  3. I hear 23andme is the best but I used ancestry for my video

  4.   @0:08 It kind of sounded like you accidentally said "Ancestry and me", lol.      @0:58 Spencer Wells?  I don't think I'll ever have National Georgraphic Geno 2.0 done because it just sounds like a mix of 23andme's Neanderthal and deep ancestry mtDNA and Y DNA lineages with gedmatch's admixture calculators.  But thanks for sharing what got you into genetics.  
    @ 12:26 I'll have to agree with 23andme being a better choice for somebody who has to decide if they had to make a choice to only do one since even folks who already know their ancestry will still find out things from it, atleast from sending the raw data to Promethease for health.
    @14:26 unfortunately it depends on the attitudes people that should contribute their samples even if 23andme and or other companies had free projects, as I've been seeing the hard way over the last year.  I've been on a lot of places on social media trying to spread word of 23andme's African Ancestry Project, and it just goes over everybody's heads.  One excuse some folks who don't ignore me give is, "well, I already know my ancestry." I try to tell them that that is the whole point of why there's a free project, and they just can't grasp it. I'm making some generalizations, but if there was a project for Europeans, Asians,there would be far more interest and turnout for the health aspect (or atleast free raw data to upload to Promethease for health analysis)
     I've also been trying to spread word of 23andme's IBD research too on IBD sites but nobody gives it a second look.   
    There probably is no hope for U.S. Native peoples unless the government convinces them to contribute samples, but hopefully there can be more samples from the indigenous folks of central and south America.

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