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45 thoughts on “3 Problems ft. Juice 23 & ProbloGang Kb – Slide (Official Music Video) Prod by RobbyOne

  1. Can't lie they slide better

  2. I Felt It When He Said “ I Be Outside Ian Hiding Stay W My Gang No Dividing ???”

  3. Carter BBG says:

    This mf harrrrrrd 100k in 4 days ?????

  4. Litty Nick says:

    Hardest Shit I Heard All Summer ?‼️‼️‼️

  5. This is a hit where the views at?

  6. HBG Jay says:

    Best song outta the lou all em snapped onnis especially juice23

  7. On god this shit so fuccin wacc cuh luh Tay sound like a crying virgin on the beat juice jus don't wanna get his ass beat and ion know who the other week nigga is but he so damn Blac u can't see em throw the whole video away all dat ammo and ammo gang still out here if u go slide pussy then slide go make him change his name weak ass hiding in the house wit yo mama pussy boi

  8. Coron Tate says:

    Man this all we gotta do as a city to take this rap shit ova so much talent in the Lou ??

  9. King Monty says:

    Song Of The Summer✅?

  10. ?tay aint gone shoot shit. Scary ass

  11. This shit hella hard⛽??

  12. Bumping this all summer 18??

  13. Fucken ??? that nigga juice 23 bodied ? this mf …

  14. Man… Derrty Arch certified! !! ?

  15. Stay outside no hiding Stay wit da gang no dividing Pull his string like a Violin?? Juice And Lil Tay Killed this and kb

  16. Swag Rg says:

    Jamming to this all summer 18???

  17. Ight I can say this the mf tuff but @Juice didn't mfs already wrap a mf rope on yo neck??

  18. ???amr aint got shit on this

  19. A100 says:

    I love how it end at 314????

  20. Tuff⛽️⛽️5️⃣

  21. Oso Major says:

    Oso Major was here

  22. alxhabs says:

    Is that Benji Bam at 0:53 ?

  23. This shit hard cant lie ??

  24. They all went hard on this

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