Albanian DNA ancestry results MyHeritage DNA

This DNA test does not have an Albanian category. Albanian DNA shows up as Greek, because our DNA’s are similar. The Balkan category represents South Slavic people & probably Romanians as well.(not sure though)

puntDNAL K13 Global Oracle results:

1 Albanian 2.6
2 Greek Thessaly 2.67
3 Kosovar 3.26
4 Italian Tuscan 4.88
5 Bulgarian 6.93
6 Greek Central 7.09
7 Macedonian 7.29
8 Italian Abruzzo 7.7
9 Romanian 9.68
10 Montenegrin 10.07
11 Italian Bergamo 10.07
12 Ashkenazy Jew 11.61
13 Serbian 12.34
14 Italian Sicilian 12.64
15 Spaniard 16
16 Bosnian 16.22
17 Sephardic Jew 16.47
18 Croatian 17.92
19 Moldavian 18.32
20 French 18.58



  1. Just let me put one thing here:
    I think most people still havent understood how the algorithm of MyHeritage and other DNA company works works.
    Dont make the mistake to take the results literally. You are not 86,2% greek just because the MyHeritage company tells you.
    The DNA company doesnt have a category for albanian DNA, but they have category for greeks for example, this is why albanians end up having "greek DNA" on the Myheritage App because albanians and greeks are bit similar in terms of DNA. They use populations references and if some people from different countries have similar DNA the company cant really figure out who is who and since theres not an albanian group you will be modelded as greek since its the most closest to the albanians.
    What also effects is how many people of a certain group gave a samples that the company can use as a reference model, it also is important who gave a sample. The more people gave a sample the more easier it to make a correct result. Countries with many ethnicties like russia, persia, turkey, USA will get quite a mixed results.
    So, it doesnt litereally mean that you are 86,2% greek, it only means that you scored 86,2% of a group DNA what they defined as greek. But that one group could also be interpreted as albanian. Its a bit stupid of the companies to name these groups as greek or italian instead of "medditeranians".
    It would make much more sense to simply name it medditeranians.

  2. onee says:

    I've seen a couple of Greeks and all of them had less than 70% Greek. I guess you're more Greek than the people who live in Greece. 😛

  3. Today Albanians are partially Illyrian but this also true for other people of the Balkans. Everyone in the Balkans shares Illyrian blood. Croats, Bosnians, Serbs, too. Slavs migrated to Balkans from Russia, Ukraine, Poland in the 6th Century but they mixed with Illyrians hence the Balkan category represents the Illyrians. The Greek category represents Thracians.

  4. Dee Dee says:

    Albanians who are scoring higher Balkan are more Illyrian than the ones who are scoring higher Greek.

  5. My heritage Dna results Canadian-Greek

  6. Kazimir P says:

    Man whT means balcanic i got 57% of this 😀

  7. G MUSIC says:

    Not Greek you are Arvanitas wich is albanians in greek

  8. Albanians not have just a similar dna to greeks no they are also actually GREEKS guys we live in 2018 you can read all history books in the internet!! Long life the greatest nation of the world the GREEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!

    According to Aristoteles there are two kind of humans 1. HELLENES and 2. BARBARIANS with no culture!!

  9. Nice video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is  www.24genetics.com with more than 400 world regions. Try this one and tell us!

  10. Hi everyone I'm also from Albania and the results just came in today. 100%European which is divided between 60.9 %-Greek 38.1% East Europe Balkan and 1% Ashkenazi Jewish. I thought I had some % Italian and Turkish but surprise Not ?✌As for the question why all Albanians came out as Greek is that not many are tested so hard to identify with a certain genome of genes.

  11. I'm Kosovar Albanian and my dream is that one day all Hellenes will united again in one country!! Modern Greeks and Albanians are the same race both descents from ancient Greek-Pelasgians 😉

  12. Did you upload your raw dna to gedmatch?

  13. rinesTe says:

    Can someone explain me, why every Albanian that does ancestry test, comes out as Greek.???

  14. I am Albanian had similar result, # Single Population Sharing : Primary Population
    1 78.2% Italian (Bergamo) +
    2 76.4% Greek (Greece) + 23.6% Basque (France)
    3 72.2% Greek (Greece) + 27.8% French (SouthFrance)
    4 73% Greek (Greece) + 27% Spanish(Pais_Vasco)
    5 77.7% Italian (Bergamo) +

    6 90.3% Italian (Tuscany) +
    7 79% Italian (Bergamo) +
    8 79.6% Italian (Bergamo) +
    9 78.7% Italian (Bergamo) +
    10 78.4% Italian (Bergamo) +
    11 78.2% Italian (Bergamo) +
    12 79.1% Italian (Bergamo) +
    13 88.9% Italian (Tuscany) +
    14 90% Italian (Tuscany) +
    15 89.4% Italian (Tuscany) +
    16 89.3% Italian (Tuscany) +
    17 79.2% Italian (Bergamo) +
    18 79.2% Italian (Bergamo) +
    19 89.4% Italian (Tuscany) + Try Gedmatch is free and easy..# Population (source)
    Closest Distance
    1 Italian (Tuscany) 4.39
    2 Kosovar (Kosovo) 5.25
    3 Greek (Thessaloniki) 5.37
    4 Greek (Athens) 5.47
    5 Albanian (Albania) 5.61
    6 Italian (NorthIitaly) 6.75
    7 Greek (Peloponnes) 6.77
    8 Italian (Abruzzo) 6.81
    9 Italian (Italy) 7.84
    10 French (Basque) 8.33
    11 Corsican (Corsica) 8.43
    12 Spanish (Basque) 8.52
    13 Greek (Macedonia) 8.6
    14 Greek (Romania) 8.79
    15 Italian (Bergamo) 8.83
    16 Italian (SouthItaly) 8.88
    17 Sicilian (Sicily) 8.9
    18 Greek (Greece) 9
    19 Spanish (Spain) 9.34
    20 Italian (Friul) 9.42
    20 77.8% Italian (Bergamo) +

  15. K. Sofia says:

    From which town from Albania are you coming from ?

  16. AlexMoby says:

    TBH, to my French ears, even if Albanian and English are very different, I could not prevent myself thinking that some Albanian sonorities are very close to English when I listen to this language.

  17. Hey i wonder how you get these very detailed results as you typed in description? Is it another DNA research company?

  18. Lis Demiri says:

    This is normal. Albanians have similar dna to greeks, so they are in one category

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