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8 thoughts on “Am I Creole? My 23 and Me test results!

  1. Mari E says:

    i thought you were biracial tbh

  2. French Gal says:

    Yay! I got 80-85% we're one of a kind and yes your Creole

  3. If your mixed your bi racial. Bi racial literally means 2 races.

  4. You look half aboriginal and half European

  5. Hey Elle varner I like that song refill.

  6. You look biracial. Your mixed, but not bi-racial.

  7. Bk353637 C says:

    Nice results! I got 75% African 1.8% Native American and 23% European via 23 and me. You can upload your data to DNA.land to get a more in-depth look at your dna for free.

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