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Ancestry DNA: My Test Changed In A Year???

Ancestry DNA: My Test Changed In A Year???

In this video I’ll show you the differences in my ancestry DNA test a year after I took it. Ancestry DNA has improved their systems so this update is supposed to be more exact.

I suggest ordering the test off amazon it will get to you quicker.

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9 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA: My Test Changed In A Year???

  1. Hello Spain and Ireland share many genes due to migrations to the north of the South strange thing due to the cultural shock of our nations Miss Amber I hope it does not cause you a negative impact a greeting from Spain

  2. Nicole says:

    I'm still waiting for my update. The 23andme update was pretty accurate, so im curious to see how they compare. Out of five family members who have tested, only my grandma has received the update. Her first test said 92% Europe East, 3% Jewish, 2% Caucasus and then <1% trace each regions(Bantu, Middle East, Asia South, Europe South). Her new result has only three regions: 83% Europe East & Russia, 15% Baltic States & 2% Jewish. Her genetic community is spot on, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary (She's Carpatho-Rusyn).

  3. Nancy Reds says:

    Id try 24genetics ancestry test (https://24genetics.co.uk/ ) it is the most complete one..

  4. Sono says:

    On my test(which I took in 2016) I don't have all these new more specific regions. Will my results update to this?

  5. The big change in mines was my iberian which originally was 38% is now 44% Spain and 25% Portugal. My grand father also got 38% originally, now his shows 40% Portugal and 33% Spain.
    We are cuban

  6. That's so weird how you can see some differences in DNA. Makes me wonder if I should do it again.

  7. You're a natural at this!???

  8. Sardinia is part of Italy, so that kind of counts, plus Spanish have a lot of Roman ancestry so you have Italian that way too 🙂 I guess north western Europe became English – it's probably because they've worked out how to distinguish it from closely related NW Europe peoples like Dutch/Belgian/Northern French. Love your dog BTW! Goldendoodle's a new one to me 😀

  9. I did my test last August but I still haven't gotten an update but hopefully I get an update soon. I haven't done 23andme but I have tried myheritage and geno 2.0 but between myheritage, geno 2.0, and ancestry I prefer ancestry since it's more specific and has a larger database. I plan on trying 23andme at some point but out of those three ancestrydna is the best.

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