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Ancestry DNA or MyHeritage DNA?

Ancestry DNA or MyHeritage DNA?

If you’re struggling which DNA test to choose then I hope this video helps you decide…


4 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA or MyHeritage DNA?

  1. Angel Lee says:

    Take AncestryDna it's more accurate and you can download your results in MyHeritage for free after.

  2. Realist38 says:

    I've gotten West Asia 1.2% results on My Heritage as well. It seems to happen a lot with them. I know my family tree going back 300+ years and there is no West Asian anywhere. Take that result with a grain of salt.

  3. Myheritage are a bunch of liars.
    . They only want your money and they don't tell you your real dna results, they manipulate the results so you keep ordering from them. Bumch pf liars!!

  4. Bob Walker says:

    your results are closer from them 2 companies than most iv seen

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