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Ancestry DNA – Paying to add your DNA to govt database

Ancestry DNA – Paying to add your DNA to govt database

They are already monitoring us, illegally. Why help them get your most personal identifier, your DNA? You don’t want to gain the whole world and lose your soul. Tune in to this Prophetically Informative Broadcast…. Don’t be caught unaware.
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23 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA – Paying to add your DNA to govt database

  1. Simon Jack says:

    Does it really matter if they have my DNA? Why would they ever want to do anything with my weak genetics? when so many other people have stronger genes compared to mine, is what im wondering

  2. I've wanted to do the "ancestery" so bad, but didn't trust them having my DNA on file!

  3. Joven la gente no se da cuenta los miles de personas que desaparecen especialmente en estos parques donde la gente van a caminar y acampar y nunca aparecen y lamentablemente pronto oiremos que los emigrantes seran blancos perfectos para todas estas cosas malignas y siguen subiendo huyendole al viento porque al final mueren bendiciones

  4. Igual que ser donantes de organos. No creo no confio gracias por avisarnos Dios te pague .

  5. They got mine and its not great dna, as far as health, autoimmune issues, so if they clone me, they will have have to support them, hahaha. My adoptive sis bought me one 23 and Me, and I wish I hadnt done it but she sent it as a Christmas gift. ugh. The zionist probably want to know who have jewish blood so they don't kill them. Anyone who gives blood would be prone too.

  6. K C. says:

    I thought it might be interesting but right away the Holy Spirit told me "NO NEVER DO THIS.

  7. Nikki Lane says:

    They dont discover anything but more money in their bank account!

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  9. Why is all your stuff backwards? Your "On Air" and 11:59 is backwards

  10. We did because we were trying to build our family tree, and found out my Dad was not my Dad so after 35 years i just found out on May 16 that my Dad is someone else I have a 5 year old half sister and cousins I never met as well as a Dad that is alive. (I buried my Dad in 1998) so this is a shock to me!

  11. J Bennett says:

    I wish I saw this b4 I did mine ? actually after I did it thought the government would use the dna for something horrible

  12. I think Jesus has been showing me that one day they are going to use a census and our blood to see our country of origin then send us there

  13. Why is everything backwards in the background

  14. How many of you and others fell for the "Yanni" whatever it was test? Government funded to see how much of the population hears high and low frequencies. They are bringing out new weapons all the time, to use against us Sound waves are being used (still in the experimental stage) on people around the world. Chile & China reported cases of this type of weapon. Look into it.

  15. I'm sure going to doctor or hospital the same happens.

  16. I was going to take a test but I threw it in the trash. They are about to kill Every one and I'm glad that I threw it in the trash.

  17. you are right Sister Anita

  18. I didn't trust this DNA, thinking that is what they were doing. Yet my husband who is 64 did have a DNA test and he found a half sister who was adopted. Which has turned out to be a wonderful friendship.

  19. Just like I tried to warn my family & friends from the Holy Scriptures, "There will come a time that you will have to watch what you say EVEN in your own homes (literally heavy surveillance), hello, just like the Holy Spirit revealed to me several years ago.

  20. HalleluYahusha! I know that you are not stupid.

  21. Thank you my Latina sister in Yahusha Ha Masiach, just like back when the fallen angels had the audacity to try to steal Moshe's (Moses') body after his passing on into Heaven. They ALWAYS abuse EVERYTHING that they use. It was VERY tempting but, not at all worth it. It's just more GENEsis 6 abuse/abomination.

  22. Warren C says:

    My DNA is already in the govt database because it was mandatory to give our DNA while I was in the military. But being a Christian I have confidence The Lord Jesus will protect me from any future evil.

  23. Val says:

    What do you think happens to all the blood or plasma that people donate? every time their is a mass shooting or catastrophe people are lining up at the blood banks why? Who started that? I know people think it's what they can do to help,but why that? That's Your DNA. Don't sell it and don't give it away!! Truly not all involved or survived are in need of blood! It's very sad and I hope it makes people think about it though. Also think about organ donation. What's really going on with all these multitudes of organ donors yet they have (harvesters) and the black market and the need still to grow them in pigs and rats and do all manner of ungodly abominations for the sake of their science!?! Lord God have mercy on our souls!!!

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