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Ancestry DNA Results and myHeritage Side by Side

Ancestry DNA Results and myHeritage Side by Side

DNA results from Ancestry and MyHeritage DNA Results


10 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Results and myHeritage Side by Side

  1. So the strange thing about Heritage DNA is that the 78.7% Central American DNA is not referring to strictly Native American ancestry, but Mestizo ancestry.

  2. You don't look Native American

  3. peru.Chihuahua..Mexico..very old civilizations of Aztec..Inca….I share their Dna :)..very ancient

  4. I am 42 % middle east and in the map ..shows me the lines very fine with south..central..california native america..costa rica…landes cordillere coast..mexico..with Name of tribes.very interesting coz I always feel i have link with Native World.

  5. MyHeritage's 81.7% should say Native American, I don't know why they have decided to divide the percentage of native in you. My wild guess, it probably has to do with the need to please their customers in the United States.

  6. Huitzilli says:

    Cool result.. Similar to mine. My family is from Maztlan and my haplogroup was found in the anasazi ruins.

  7. Iberian .Italian north Africa middle eastern west European

  8. I believe your Ancestry results are accurate. My Heritage seems to be overlapping their numbers. Your 4% Eskimo is part of your Native American Dna. I'm not sure how some people have traces of Eskimo. My Cousin had trace of Eskimo.

  9. Actually there is evidence that middle easterns, Europeans and I pacific islanders were trading with native Americans from as far as 500bce. It is unknown what caused the loss of communication between the old and new world but essentially we had to reestablish. The connection which was the true purpose for Christopher Columbus's journey. Anyways what I am trying to say is that south America was populated first followed by the mongoloids who came over from Serbia and took over North America

  10. MyHeritage seems more accurate

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