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7 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA UPDATE!

  1. Pretty confused with this new update…I was given a questionare before detailing which results I expected the most and least from my list…then I received a drastically changed set of results from my original…before the results said that I was 37% Scandinavian, 30% Irish Scotish and Welsh, 9% Iberian, 7, Europe East, 6% West Europe, and 5% British with a 5% Trace region in Europe South and 1% in Caucus…now my results say I'm purely Britsh Isles that being 60% British and 40% Irish, Scottish and Welsh???? The results mad sense with what I recently know about my family but in terms of history the old results made sense due to the invasions that has happened over the years…plus how can the previous results be so drastically different compared to the updated…either way I'm glad I found this out sooner, was planning on getting a Viking tattoo soon ??

  2. I had similar results to you. My grandfather was from italy and somehow im 0% italian now….. Guess ill just wait to see what the next update says

  3. Nicole says:

    I am still waiting for mine, my grandma's result was updated.

  4. Andrew G says:

    I didn’t get the update yet. Would you mind posting the new available regions?

  5. Can you do a video on the new regions ?

  6. Did my Ancestry UK DNA test last year and May's update has changed my ethnicity estimate, I'm just curious how often this is going to change.

  7. Same thing happened to me. Did you decide to update yours? Or did you leave the old one

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