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11 thoughts on “Ancestry/MyHeritage DNA results shocker 2!

  1. its so funny when people are talking about that atosomal thests range for a cuple of generations only and for the other hand can say a its from the celtic wikingss etc that are way far back in time folks

  2. gxbz gxbz says:

    I tried to upload it on (my heritage) but it said the file is not right ?? Help

  3. As far as I know, the Finnish language is related somehow to Siberian languages, so the markers that show Siberian and Chinese blood may date back to very early migrations from Siberia.?

  4. LM947 says:

    Greetings. Since your ancestors hail from Scandinavia, you will show the Irish and British DNA. The Vikings pillaged the British Isles many times in their history. To give you an example, my family is roughly half Northwest European, we come from Britain, Ireland and Iceland. My DNA results showed roughly 17% DNA from Norway, Sweden and Finland. Now as for your Asian and Inuit DNA, it is most likely that it is Saami DNA. The Saami have quite similar DNA to East Asians from what I've read, and Native Americans have similar DNA to East Asians.

  5. My dad did the Ancestry DNA being mostly Finnish 90%, then second highest was Irish and only after that Scandinavian, and some Eastern European.

  6. GL2501 says:

    Scandinavians have a lot from the British islands due to the vikings raids. Im 83% Scandinavian 5% Finish 7% Irish. Trace regions Greek, eastern Europe and German. I live in Denmark and my family tree is Danish back to the year1600 on all sides, apart from my maternal grandfather, who was adopted after the 1. world war, so i have no idea where he was from.

  7. RM Smith says:

    Upload to Gedmatch for free. You will really enjoy looking at it with different calculators that show you populations you matched with back in time. They have a lot of great tools to use.

  8. Schaumi says:

    Fascinating! You should also upload your data to Gedmatch to get a 3rd opinion.

  9. Are you uploading to ftdna also?

  10. Interesting results. I am part Native American and I gotten a bit of Finnish/Northwest Russia off of Ancestry (about 3% with the range up to 7%). My Heritage DNA isn't the most accurate (or at least their free transfer test part), I suggest trying GEDmatch if you hadn't yet. There is also DNA.Land.

  11. if you did an autosomal transfer things may show up which shouldn't I would suggest doing the swab test with myheritagedna

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