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Ancestry test/ Doing my 23andMe DNA kit✌?

Ancestry test/ Doing my 23andMe DNA kit✌?

Ancestry DNA testing .My 23andMe ancestry kit came in from the mail y’all,and I am excited to introduce you to the process of how the kit gets your DNA results, what to expect when doing this kit and what to prepare for before you do the kit. I had to wait 30 minutes after eating ,as they recommend not eating, brushing your teeth or drinking anything up to half an hour before you take the test, but silly ol’e me waited hours thinking it was like a fasting test lol. You summit your saliva in the testing tube they give you, and then you are done, submit it by mail with the already pre- paid packaging lable and keep monitoring online for your results. It is also recommend to register your testing tube on 23AndMe/Start before you submit it through the mail, as this is the only way of knowing that this tube belongs to you. I hope this demonstration inspires you all to get An ancestry DNA test of your liking so you can better learn where you come from and who you are genetically. Best wishes and an even better surprising turn out on your DNA ancestry Journey.

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