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Ancestry vs 23andMe

Ancestry vs 23andMe

Hey friends! Here is my follow up DNA video with results from Ancestry.com. If you would like to read the blog post, you can check it out here – http://lovelezlie.com/2014/12/01/what-are-you-identity-part-1/ . Also, I had to take down the other video that I referenced in this video because it was on a different account. I plan to upload it to this account in the near future.

Here are the links to sites I reference in this video.

My Haplogroup – H6a1 (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_H_mtDNA.shtml)
My Neanderthal % – 1.9 (https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/neanderthal/)

Here are my Ancestry.com results:

Africa – 58%
Ivory Coast/Ghana (24%)
Cameroon/Congo (22%)
Nigeria (5%)
Benin/Togo (3%)
Senegal (3%)

Europe – 40%
Great Britain (35%)
Finland (2%)
Europe West (1%)
Ireland (1%)
Italy/Greece (1%)

Asia – 2%
South Asia (1%)
Caucasus (1%)


43 thoughts on “Ancestry vs 23andMe

  1. Karen W says:

    Love your lipstick by the way, but HAPLOGROUP? Huh? Thank you SO MUCH for this video. I’ve taken 23andme and did not really pay too much attention to that area. I did go back and look at it and read it. Thanks for bringing it up or I would not have cared about that part as much as for focusing on the DNA breakdown. Thank you! Learned something new!

  2. Mine were 65% european 28% African 5% Native American and 2% unassigned and the other test said 62% european 27% African 9% Native American 2% middle eastern. I’m Dominican ?

  3. Dittos  with  a previous comment: Thank you for sharing this .The info you shared is very helpful.

  4. Frank G says:

    You look English.

  5. I uploaded my DNA from 23 and Me to My Heritage and got a significant different result.

  6. are you the girl on the ancestry website?

  7. I just ordered my 23 and me only ready

  8. I NEED this lipstick!

  9. yeah, you are sooo beautiful ?????

  10. don't these only show mothers mothers mothers side ?? or something. what's the limitations?

  11. I did DNA from ancestry I knew I had my father genes but wanted to know more about my mother's genes as she has some Asian and European but it was interesting to read and see were I came from

  12. Love your lip colour.

  13. India and Pakistan are in South Asia, damm, gringos are really ignorant people lol

  14. Did you do the health DNA on 23andme? I have done ancestry.com with my late fathers half brother. I got my wife, daughter, and grandson to do the ancestry.com. I told my mother and hoped she would be interested and do hers. I'm thinking of gifting her one. But I'm also interested in the 23andme health test because of arthritis in the family. Thanks for sharing??

  15. jim Zorman says:

    I did both and only one really helped me. That was Ancestry. I also did 23 and me. I was very disappointed with 23 and me. I have been very interested in my African percentage. I believe this is what might me Moorish connection. This is getting exciting for me to learn. Between this and possible Meliegon ancestry. 23 and me was disappointing for two reasons. One was they had a program which was giving me clues also with the African and Moorish roots. But they took it out. They also seen to push some other traits which I will not explore. They refuse to work with me. Ancestry on the other hand was very cooperative. I would always recommend Ancestry. I am exploring other service to confirm or deny points in my ancestry. Ancestry has made it fun as well as uncover traits which no one knew in my family.

  16. omg all this contained in a bit of spit

  17. No one knows where they come from.. The world over… Mad if you think of it, you think you are from one place only to come from somewhere else..

  18. The South Asian is most likely from the Gypsies. They intermixed in Europe and many other places

  19. Ancestry seems to be more prone to assigning DNA to South Asia & Caucasus than 23andme. How have you been going with tracking down your possible Finnish relatives?

  20. asians are the closet thing to Africans direct descendants Asians get their look from an African tribe …you can research it if you like☺

  21. MamaDee says:

    I cannot wait to do mine. I'm 100% South African but have very light skin. It will be interesting, I'm already anxious!

  22. Very helpful and detailed thank you!!!

  23. Lokelani says:

    Also, most everyone will have between 1-2% Neanderthal. It's pronounced Neander-Tall by the professionals. The way you said it is the way it is pronounced in England (that might be your British ancestry coming through). 😉

  24. Lokelani says:

    English and Irish are two different races.The Irish were the Celts and the English/British came from the Germanic tribes..They are not the same.

  25. You are so gorgeous!

  26. AngeezFX says:

    Is that you in the ancestry commercial?

  27. Tina tma says:

    I have very similar results to you, 56% East & West African 2% North African 36%Southern Europe, 3% Eastern Asia & 3% Native American. My mother is Puerto Rican and dad Dominican. Like you, people also ask me if I'm Asian, Indian.

  28. You have amazing blog. Thanks for the information. I was curious about the differences between 23andme.com and Ancestry. I did my DNA on Ancestry. You can't get the DNA information for the other websites from Ancestry.com??

  29. nitsrah says:

    You resemble my cousin Natalie Mambre. 😉

  30. you sound well educated. it was a pleasure to watch your video

  31. What info does the genographic project provides that AncestryDNA or 23andMe doesn't? Thanks for sharing difference between AncestryDNA and 23andMe. I asked yesterday on FaceBook has anyone compared their results from AncestryDNA and 23andMe

  32. People think that a certain shape of eye means part Asian, bit that isn't true. Many, many people throughout Africa and Europe have almond shaped eyes with more or less epicanthic folds. It's just part of human looks.

  33. Isn't that 2% pretty much 0?

  34. PRedd 3 says:

    Great job… exactly the answers between the 2 sites that I have been looking for. Now have to decide… may lean towards Ancestry being I already have an extended tree PLUS they have the special running for $79. Later may also do the double dip and try 23andme as the health info may also be informative. Thanks for sharing!! PJ

  35. GMAN634 says:


  36. Sooo cool you were able to find your finish distant cousin. I always assumed, people have that in there, because of migration and such.

  37. How did you know your great great grandfather is from cameroon? Is it from ancestry.com or you have family stories that have passed down?

  38. 58 percent subsaharan african so your mostly black. its weird because like others i thought your asian admixture was around maybe 20 to 25 percent. you resemble the singer judith hill she is of japanese/ black ancestry.

  39. Which company would you recommend more?

  40. how do you get your raw DNA data, is that only through 23andme?

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