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AncestryDNA Results/ 23andMe Results Mixed African American/Pacific Islander

AncestryDNA Results/ 23andMe Results Mixed African American/Pacific Islander

AncestryDNA- 33% West African, 20% E. Asian, 19% Melanesian, 15% West European, 12% Polynesian
23andMe- 39% SE Asian, 30% West African, 17% European, 11% Oceanic

Name’s Isaac. Was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in Los Angeles, USA. I’m half African American and half Moluccan Indonesian.
People from Maluku or Moluccan people/Ambonese people are a mix in itself. They are a mix of Melanesian with Polynesian and SE Asian.
The islands of Maluku are in the region of Melanesia.
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25 thoughts on “AncestryDNA Results/ 23andMe Results Mixed African American/Pacific Islander

  1. senna kwee says:

    I’m half moluccan and half chinese! 🙂

  2. Marcel says:

    You probably have lots of relatives in the Netherlands. Maluku ✊? Satu bangsa

  3. I forgot to tell you to go to bing images and type in "Black Indians" and see late 1870s photo of "Black Indians" would you agreed that Indians are indigenous,

  4. Polynesian is a mixture of Melanesian and East Asian. It is similar to the people in Maluku.
    Polynesians did not journey East, that's where they maternally came from. Paternally they are Melanesian. Therefore Moluccans cannot be a mixture of Polynesian with Melanesian and SE Asian; that statement does not make any sense if you understand my previous sentence. It would be like saying Japanese are a mix of Korean and East Asian.

  5. Oh, I'm an Black Native Indigenous person of the U.S., Chicago Understand the so called native Indians suppose to have disappeared, or did we! we are still here.

  6. what is u'r family name ? last name of u'r parents name ?

    i'm moluccan

  7. Shasha ts says:

    I wanna do this, I have the same mix as you (Pacific Islander and black) too bad I'm broke 🙁

  8. Vic Hands says:

    You look more Polynesian (mixed race).

  9. Hey bro. Bisa ngomong bahasa indo ga?

  10. wow you are like the most diverse mixed person on you tube

  11. Nice results! I'm also from Moluccan descent living in the Netherlands and I want to take a
    dna test also. So I will let you know what my results are!

  12. Man i have got to visit Maluku !! It has got to be part of the Micronesian ancestry.

  13. gpl992 says:

    You forget to mention African Americans have mixed with Native Americans as well,thats why you have Lumbees who have African American roots and relatives and vice versa.And nice way to explain Moluccans-a mix of Melanesian,Polynesian,and Malays.Mena Muria Maluku!Satu darah!Lumbee pride pa!

  14. Miss Jai says:

    Mixed like me!! I was born in Jamaica. When I tell people I am Chinese Jamaican they look at me crazy. I have a Chinese last name. Yes, I agree with Benin Togo going mainly went to the Caribbean. That's why I am shocked I had less than 1 percent. But many people from Ghana made it to Jamaica. So that didn't shock me. Polynesian I read the same thing which I just said it goes with the east Asian.

  15. Nice mix I'm also mixed to I'm 32 percent Asia east 26 percent European 14 percent Polynesian 14 percent African 6 percent Native American 5 percent South Asia and 3 percent west Asia

  16. Awwwwwwh, look at that. Cool results. Interesting mix.

  17. Meli ssa says:

    Great results ! You are very diverse, you could also pass for a Malagasy. It's the first time I see someone with similar results to mine. Except for the Pacific Islander part. I took a test with Family Tree dna (Ancestry doesn't ship to France where I live 🙁 )and I am 28% Southeast Asia, 24% Europe (West and Southeast), 21% East Middle East and North Africa, 21% Subsaharan African (West and East) , 2% Ashkenazi, 2% West Middle East, 2% Oceania, 1% South Central Asia and 1% South Central Africa.
    Did you upload your raw dna to gdmatch and dna.land ? Also wegene for the Asian part.

  18. very high percentage of European though, which side do you think that's from?

  19. Cool results bro. I'm 65% European 28% African and 7% Native American.

  20. So, you're basically Blasian. I'm black and have some Asians in my family, too. My great grandmother was Japanese (great uncle was in the military). I've got a good amount of cousins that look similar to you.

  21. what was your paternal haplogroup though?

  22. Great video! And I like your tattoos!

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