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  1. Well Which one do you think is Right ? OK thanks

  2. For me, Ancestry was an anomaly and all the other sites I uploaded my DNA to had similar results (like Gedmatch and DNA land). I was confused, but now I feel more secure.

  3. Adam Sahr says:

    WeGenes?! What were you thinking?! The way to go is Ancestry DNA for serious and definitive raw data, then GedMatch for confirmation and lots of fun playing around. 23andMe and ftDNA could be decent alternatives for Autosomal DNA and Y DNA respectively, but most of the rest are a waste of time and/or money…

  4. 41% Hungarian… believable! That's why you are so pretty! Like my beautiful Hungarian wife : )

  5. Send everything to DNA LAND which is a North American college and you will have a better understanding of your genetics and we will know more about genetic testing …

  6. You should try 23andme. Were very accurate in pinpointing exactly where my husband's and my ancestors descended from. Also got our results in under 4 weeks.

  7. easy way says:

    You look more North Italian or Portuguese to me. You could also be from Northern Spain / France / Germany. There are people like you in Poland, Hungary, Austria as well. So I would say anything between Portugal and Poland.

  8. On your ancestrydna findings when you click on each individual ethnicity it shows the range of their tests. The numbers they report are the average of the different "runs" they did of each test. They test several runs and then average the findings. So the differences between some of the different tests could be because Ancestry reports the average of the range.

  9. I don't think wegene gets Europeans right…. it had me as mostly Hungarian and I have almost zero Hungarian ancestry (at best .1% if that much). It's mostly for Asians.

  10. I've been taken the My Heritage DNA test recently, and the results show about 70% Scandinavia and 25% East European, and some West European/NorthWest Asia. At first I was schocked about the results since I have always been told stories about when our family fled to Sweden from Finland during the war, but the results showed no Finnish DNA. But I assume the reason for that is that they were finno-swedish (who came to Finland during the time Finland and Sweden was a unity). I also have heard we shall have ancestors in Russia, which the East European and NorthWest Asia percentage clarifies. I find the test to be accurate from what I have been told within the family. It is important to know the difference between where people live, and where their DNA origins from.

  11. DJ Trevi says:

    Best thing is to go by Gedmatch, then paper trails​ like birth certificates, census, and a little bit of anthorpology.

  12. You are so beautiful.

  13. Hermano says:

    These percentages are entirely artificial. They were created to appeal to the public. Built to sell tests. If you do not like the result, just retake the test at another company. In the end, you believe in the result you like best.

  14. sellammar1 says:

    If your ancestors originated from British Isles and Netherlands you are certain scoring Scandinavian DNA. The vikings settled down on the British Isles, Iceland, The netherlands , Normandy and to some extent todays Germany also a bit in Russia. Also during the 16th or 17th Century Norwegians came and settled down in the Netherlands. I have Heard about figures round 30000 people. So its not a mystery where your Scandi-DNA comes from. In some cases Brits score higher Scandie-DNA than native Scandinavians do.

  15. SearlsTech says:

    my heritage is much more accurate because they test against a much larger population. Ancestry is more generalized. That is the reason for the variances.

  16. My results were way off I was 43% Great Britain on Ancestry vs. 2 % on MyHeritage.

  17. Hello Kimberly, I have similar experience with MyHeritage and Anchestry DNA. In Anchestry DNA test I had just 0,7 % Scandinvian. I uploaded raw data from anchestry dna to the Myheritage and wow – I have 12,1% Scandinavian. Also more African genes with Myheritage than in Anchestry. So, who know where I´m from? .)

  18. Honestly im wondering the accuracy of myheritage after taking its test. (I posted a video on my page if ur interested). I would like to try ancestry.com since my sister did that to see if its more close to what she got. I think the most accurate thing is to take a couple tests and see what keeps coming up with high percentages esp depending on what ur family has told u that u are.

  19. Each company use different database and algorithms to determine the percentage thats why its not going to be exactly the same

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