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Antioch Police Department | Ancestry

Antioch Police Department | Ancestry

Captain Diane Aguinaga of the Antioch, California Police Department used Ancestry to piece together the last century of the force’s history. As she uncovered more photos and decorated the station, everyone in the department bonded together over the comradery and friendships that have kept generations of officers connected. One photo can be all it takes to ignite a project that everyone around you appreciates for years.

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Antioch Police Department | Ancestry


7 thoughts on “Antioch Police Department | Ancestry

  1. Does Anyone know how to find ancestors who lived before 1790? My mothers 4th to 6th great grandfather or mother was South Asian proven by Ancestrydna test this person was likely born between 1710-1770 , My mothers main roots are from England and Germany and Scandinavia . And she has roots here in America since 1650 with the first dutch exploration .

  2. Great story, I wonder who's paying for that? Not for a negative reason, but because I think it's a worthy cause. Unfortunately, those of us that appreciate and want to preserve the past see tremendous value in finding relics such as these and getting them back to their owners, but sometimes I feel that we're not the majority. I'm saddened when I see old portraits of family in an antique market, no names, discarded. How I wouldn't love to be able to find a picture of my relatives from 100 years ago!

  3. AK Sonya says:

    Great job, what a wonderful way to bring your community together and help so many families with their history.

  4. That is really cool! Thank you for not throwing away those documents and photos. Wish I could find a photo of my 3rd great-grandfather who was a Justice of the Peace — not in your district, but I still hope someday I will find one to share with his family of descendants.

  5. With all due respect, how's your cold cases doing? Teagards…

  6. This is SO AMAZING!!!!!!!

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