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3 thoughts on “DNA comparison from ancestry to MyHeritage Italian

  1. mic mac says:

    For autosomal DNA the most accurate one is Family Tree DNA then come myHeritage then 23andme then Ancestry DNA.
    Nice results by the way greeting from Algeria.

  2. Hey man, I'm an Italian American with Calabrian heritage…mostly from Cosenza area but also had one ancestor from Gioiosa Ionica in Reggio Calabria province. I did the same, took my test w/ AncestryDNA and then later uploaded raw dna file to myheritage. I found AncestryDNA to be much more accurate. I got 78% Europe South on Ancestry DNA w/ Calabria identified as genetic community. On myheritage I only came up 8% Italian, 16% west asian, 26% Greek and 44% Iberian, etc. I do have some Portuguese heritage as well and only had 3% Iberian on AncestryDNA. So we have to keep in mind this is just an estimate, but overall I think AncestryDNA is far superior w/ their test method and pure volume of tests to compare and update results with.

  3. Ta ha says:

    Which region are you or your parents from?

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