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DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

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DNA results shock! I was not expecting that! Join me as I receive my DNA results to find out where I am “really” from as a New Zealander. Do I still keep my Youtube pseudonym ‘Not Even French’ or not? I hope you enjoy my genuine dna test results reaction!

What the Test Can Tell You

An autosomal DNA test from MyHeritage DNA is going to have two major results.

The first is an ethnicity estimate based on how closely your DNA matches that commonly found in certain parts of the world.

The second is the ability to locate and connect with your living relatives.

How does MyHeritage DNA kit work?

My Heritage DNA has a “reference population” that is made of up people from many different geographic areas that have verified, deep roots in that area. The idea is that this reference population gives a good idea of what DNA from that region should “look like”. Your DNA is then compared with the DNA from those regions, and you are given an estimate that tells you how much of your DNA matches that particular part of the world.

MyHeritage is a world-renowned genealogy website with over 90 million users. It has been around for many years, and is one of the best sites out there for genealogical research. In recent years, MyHeritage has started to offer DNA testing to support their other research services.

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FTC – Video sponsored by MyHeritage who kindly sent me a DNA kit and provided a second one for free for our giveaway 🙂 🙂


45 thoughts on “DNA RESULTS SHOCK (New Zealander) | Am I Still “Not Even French”?!

  1. I still can't believe those results, like whaaaaat?! Don't forget to comment below for your chance to win my other DNA kit! 🙂 bisous

  2. Salut rosie! We have the same name! I’d love to do one of these because my dad’s side of the family were Jewish so we were flung all over the world in an attempt to escape the holocaust, and the ones that did survive never really spoke about their past. It would be great to find out more about their history and where they came from!xxx

  3. I would love to see where my family comes from. I know that my great grands parents sisters/brothers and a lot of their family were exterminated during the war because they were Jewish and my mom was adopted so I don't know a lot. I love your videos sooo much!!!! Congrats on the 3 million views by the way. xx

  4. Fahd Z says:

    Hi Rosie,

    I am very interested in doing this test , let me tell you about my story. Currently I am a student in Foreign Languages in Bordeaux University in the South of France. I study English and Spanish and we also have civilization class, and this year we have studied many countries of the Commonwealth. When we studied Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands we had to make oral presentations on Maoris, Aborigines and other ethnicities from these parts of the world. And this studies made me think about my origines. I have actually two nationalities : French and Morrocan. All my family came from Morocco to France around 45-50 years ago and everything that I know is that I am from the North of Morocco on the Atlantic Coast side.
    Few years ago my great grandmother died and three months before she told me that she lived in the Sahara desert when she was young. Nowadays I am still skeptical because in Morrocan History, Romans, Vikings and Ottomans invaded Morocco before the Arabs and the European but today there are still tribes from these invasions, that’s why I should have to do this test to know exactly my origines and where my ancestors are from.

    That’s my story, hope you’ll enjoy it. ???

  5. gottfer says:

    I strongly doubt the accuracy of these results
    just by the look of your face I would've said Something like bulgarian or polak Something more like east europe than scandinavia Oo

  6. Jessi Tan says:

    It would be awesome to get a DNA kit because I want to learn more about ethnicity and genetics. Maybe I could learn how to prevent diseases that may be genetic or find out that I’m actually more Chinese than Cambodian. I’ve always been made fun of because of my pale pale skin, and it’s made me question my ethnicity. I think it would be fascinating to find out more about myself, and as a broke college student a dna test isn’t in my budget so this giveaway would be perfect.

  7. I would love to win this as I have no idea what my actual heritage is ❣️

  8. FatErix says:

    scots and the brits got all fucked up by scandinavians.. so if you have british roots you will most likely have scandinavian roots too

  9. Bonjour,
    Je suis allé faire un tour sur le sit IGNEA
    Il y a certaines choses qui me gène, le prix et qu cela me fait presque penser à une "chasse" vu comment ils insistent sur certains caractères hereditaires

  10. Hi Rosie,
    I would love to win the DNA kit as I have recently been doing a lot of research into my family tree and this would help a lot!
    I am also a kiwi girl with a french boyfriend. I’m living in Wellington and he is in Paris right now but I’m hoping to join him in Paris next year.
    Thank you for your great videos!

  11. En ce qui me concerne j'ai toujours voulu faire ce genre de test parce que mon grand père a été adopté du côté de ma mère , je sais aussi que j'ai de la famille au Brésil en Italie et au portugal je pense que ça risque d'être intéressant ! Il faudrait que j'investisse un de ces 4 !

  12. Rosie! I just got married and my husband last month and he is almost 100% English. There's even a city just outside of Oxford bearing his family name Headington Town! So he knows exactly where he came from. I have no idea what my heritage is and my grandfather who passed away last year took a lot of that information with him to the grave. I'd like to know more so we can share this valuable history with our future kiddos! Please consider me for you giveaway! I love your channel! ?? Merci!

  13. So will you change your channel's name to not at all French's

  14. Salut Rosie, I just found your channel and are a big fan. I've always wanted to find out what I am. Even though I don't have any gaps in my recent family tree I still have no idea what I am. I'm from Nz and I know that at some point my European ancestors came over here but other than that I'm left guessing. It's also hard to try and figure out what I am because all of my direct family look different. Take for example me and my brothers, I have medium/lightish brown hair and green eyes(something no one in my direct family has) I'm also very pale most of my features are quite small(hands, feet, height). Then there is my brother he's incredibly tall, blond hair (it used to be like white) and bright sky blue eyes (he looks very Scandinavian) he has a very all of his features are very big(hands with short fingers,feet , height ) After him is my other brother he's average height naturally tan, very dark brown and curly hair and his eyes are like brown golden hazel (his features look Jewish almost). I don't know it's all very confusing and maybe a DNA kit would help make sense of it. Sorry about the long comment, also sorry about not being french genetically but on the plus side you still seem in character.Anyways Au revoir ! 🙂

  15. Hello, and thank you for giving this oportunity to someone who might need it. I would love to win the kit for my mother and here is her story.
    She was born in september 1945, a child from the "Baby boom" that happened in france after WW2. Her mother didn't want the baby, so my mother was placed in a family that held a farm in the south-west of France, near Pau. She grew up in a healthy environment with 7 other children in the same situation. Her mother visited on occasions, so the link was not broken at least.
    When she became an adult and started living her own life as a nurse, she asked her mother who her father was, but she never ever had an answer. Not even a clue. My grand mother passed away with her secret, and all my mother found in her house was the old photo of a man. No word, no comment. We only know that I somehow look like him.
    My mother is a kind heart, but not so talkative. When I speak to her about that, i can feel the sorrow. She doesn't know why she was abandoned. We think that maybe, her father was a german soldier, which would explain a lot…
    I would really love to offer her a dna Kit to find a relative somewhere wich maybe would give us answers, but they are pretty expensive and I can't afford one.

    Anyway your video was fun and entertaining as always. Keep up the good work 🙂

  16. I would love to do this ,that's so interesting . I don't really know my roots that well ,so it would very interesting to see 😀

  17. Sarah Ch says:

    myheritage had a data breach just a couple days ago. It made me think about this trend of giving dna to a private company. the more i think about it the more it freaks me out. Especially knowing that data breaches happen more and more and many people could benefit from all this information. Food for thought.?

  18. I love this concept! I Always wanted to know where I come from, who I am. I am a teenager so I am in this phase where I'm trying to figure who I am so I would find really interesting to do one of those tests. In my family, we don't really talk about our ancestors, I only know my very close family (my grandparents, my uncle and my aunt). I feel like doing this test will help me figuring out who I am, something that I struggle to do.

    Sorry if the grammar is to really good, English is not my native language ^^'

  19. Maya says:

    Je vais parler français haha, alors j'aimerai bien avoir un de ses kits parce que dans ma famille on sait pas trop d'où on vient apparemment on aurait de la famille arabe du côté de ma mère et de l'autre côté ce serait français/espagnol peut-être on ne sait pas trop ? mais ça m'intéresse vraiment de savoir ça !

  20. Vanessa 97 says:

    Hey Rosie,
    I would like to have the kit to find out what my heritage is. Haha surprise 😀 My fathers parents flew from Silesa before the second world war. Today it belongs to Poland (that time it belonged to Germany). But my father actually looks like his heritage is somewhere in the south of Europe. His skin is darker and his hair is black. My sister looks like my dad but has a light brown hair. My mum and I are completely different. We've got fair skin and blond hair. Kind of like you expect a scandinavian look. I really would like to know what kind of results I would get. Would be a really cool present for my birthday this month :))

  21. Wow, the results are unreal ! I would be so interesting to do a DNA test. I know only my mothers side family, and i long as i know we are all french. From my dads side i dont know that much but i thing also french. It could be interesting to know the truth!

  22. Nancy Reds says:

    Thanks for share! I recommend trying 24Genetics, it is the most complete one in ancestry that I have seen until date with more than 400 world regions (https://24genetics.co.uk/)

  23. Wow, those kind of test are really impressive. I would have never thought that one day, we could have these type of things … I'm also impressed by your origins, it's so surprising, we never know where we really come from, in fact …

    One day, I would love to have one of those tests, but not for me, well it would be fun to do one myself, but I would like to have one for my mom. Her father never knew his own father, and my mom's grand mother never knew herself (or never wanted to say it …) and my grand father spent his whole life wondering where he came from … But he died when my mom was only 12, and he will never know. However, my mom could know, if she does something like that, she could finally know (her and all her sibling) her origins, and it will be awesome. So I promised myself that one day I will do my best to allow her to know her origins, I think it's important for her.

    (sorry for the mistakes)

  24. Allie M says:

    I would love the heritage kit!! I was adopted and I know next to nothing about my heritage. I know that I have a number of biological siblings and this seems like a way I could find them as well

  25. For french peoples following you, this video is just untold advertising for this DNA analysis company… It is customary for french youtubers to claim loud and clear, in the title, that you're advertising something. Coming to your video genuinely hoping for some cultural point of view and find an ad instead is extremely disappointing. Dislike and no sharing from me.

  26. Hi Rose, do you know this kiwi singer who has been living in France since 1948, Graeme Allwright? He is famous in France with songs like "jolie bouteille", but maybe not in New Zealand

  27. Hi Rosie! My name is Tala 🙂
    I'm adopted and both of my adoptive parents are French but we live outside of France. I never really knew where I'm from, I know I look Middle-Eastern and I know I have some Arab origins, but there are so many possibilities of areas, countries and different dialects and cultures… I've been wanting to take a test like that for a long time now so I could get a better idea of my roots and connect to my origins, culture and language. It would be awesome to get a kit and finally find out. Good luck to all the participants in the giveaway!

  28. you're trully not even french. the real one

  29. I love your approach to youtube and especially your commentary on all things French and your experience here. I am a fellow Parisian by adoption and I can oh so relate to the content of your channel! I come from the New World originally, from a hectic multiconfessional multiracial background and it'd be amazing to find out more about my heritage with your extra kit! Thank you for your consideration and keep up the good work! Bisous :-*

  30. Je ne sais pas si les français ont des marqueurs génétiques vraiment spécifiques parce qu'on est une population assez peu endémique, qui a connu beaucoup de flux migratoires, d'invasions…En gros on est un mélange de toute l'Europe.

  31. Great video! I also want to win the kit 🙂 !

  32. I would love to know more about where my family comes from, especially being the only blonde in my family. Loved your reveal! I can so see it with your cheekbone structure :*

  33. You should not take these results for granted, these DNA tests are not 100% accurate as you inherit of only a part of DNA from your ancestors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0WMjDqIYH0
    And your DNA is linked to only 120 ancestors, so it's just partial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g-VwtRd8ks
    In the end, beware of what these companies could do from your DNA, it can be used for many purposes you don't know of, like this one: https://www.lemonde.fr/big-browser/article/2018/05/25/la-police-americaine-utilise-les-donnees-adn-des-sites-de-genealogie-pour-resoudre-des-affaires-de-meurtre_5304333_4832693.html which in the en is a good thing, but maybe in a few decades, insurance companies could access to it in order to allow you or deny you the right of being insured…

  34. I am a mixed kid. My dad's indian and mum's portuguese. Would love to know more about my ancestors.

  35. Rosa R says:

    This seems so cool! I would love to try out a heritage kit because I'm supposedly a melting pot! My mom is Japanese, she never knew her dad, so I would love too see if she has any ancestors from other Asian countries. My dad is half Puerto Rican and half Dominican, but he believes he has some history of Italian and African which we have not confirmed! Who knows what else might be there from European colonization, etc.
    It would be so cool to actually find out what my DNA consists of, as I know both of my parents have been very curious their whole lives.

  36. Ooooh i would like to make this test, so i write here about the contest. I would like to know if i have asian heritage like many people think it about me. It is really funny your reaction ? thanks for your videos.

  37. volnay853 says:

    So you are Irish, Viking/ Northern Ireland Irish..

  38. Hi! I would DEFINITELY REALLY REALLY like to get a DNA Package! I would like one because I believe that I am French because on my dad's side of the family, there was a lady who moved from France to Louisiana. But, the the thing is, I don't know if she is related to my dad or not. I also believe that I am Native American, Asian, Scottish, Egyptian, and many other things! So, I would really like to find out!

  39. bonjour rosie! je suis franco-ontarien mais je ne suis pas francophone. shameful, i know. i can understand a lot of french and i can speak something colloquially known as 'franglais' which sounds terrible and doesn't count!

    I am 13th generation canadian on my fathers side and i know my ancester came from a place in france called Saint-Cosme-en-Vairais, in the year 1654. my mother's side is french canadian also for the most part, but the reason that i am interested in the dna test is that i suspect there is ojibway-cree native american heritage on my mother's side.

    for my mother's and grandmother's generation this was something shameful and not to be talked about, which is very unfortunate and sad. i'm intersted in knowing the truth about this matter. also i dream of visiting paris someday! i enjoy your channel! it is very helpful and informative to me!

  40. MyHeritage is crap. Do Ancestry

  41. It may be a little be kinky for somebody who is not even French but live in France and may like to stay longer.
    Le fait de rechercher l'identification par ses empreintes génétiques d'une personne en dehors des cas prévus à l'article 16-11 du code civil ou en dehors d'une mesure d'enquête ou d'instruction diligentée lors d'une procédure de vérification d'un acte de l'état civil entreprise par les autorités diplomatiques ou consulaires dans le cadre des dispositions de l'article L. 111-6 du code de l'entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d'asile est puni d'un an d'emprisonnement ou de 15 000 euros d'amende.

    Est puni des mêmes peines le fait de divulguer des informations relatives à l'identification d'une personne par ses empreintes génétiques ou de procéder à l'examen des caractéristiques génétiques d'une personne ou à l'identification d'une personne par ses empreintes génétiques sans être titulaire de l'agrément prévu à l'article L. 1131-3 du code de la santé publique et de l'autorisation prévue à l'article L. 1131-2-1 du même code.

  42. Maymay bee says:

    I've been wanting to do this test for ages in order to find out more about a part of my family that haven't been able to know (because we lost track haha) so I would be very curious to see if I'm able trace it ! Also I'm interested in knowing if what we told me about my ancestries is actually true ! Bisous bisous ?

  43. cacaaleau says:

    0 percent of french roots ! i knew it !

  44. I'd love to get a chance to rtest that DNA kit ! I had a chance to see a family tree on my dad side dating back to Louis XIV and it says that all of my family is French and it is pretty much the same thing on my mum side even though it is not from all the same regions of France. It'd be so cool to see if really am only mainly French and what other countries might come up !
    Loved the video btw, so interesting :

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