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  1. SugarLoVe says:

    I enjoy your video ??

  2. Can’t wait to do one too

  3. Hey sis, I definitely want to do this too! I think it’s so important to know your family’s ancestry. Great job! Tfs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. oh wow i would love to do this myself one day. thank you for sharing your results

  5. mzbrazell says:

    Heyy Sis, Very interesting results! I'm considering doing this too. Thanks for sharing! ?

  6. MsFree2u says:

    Reduce foods with gluten in them too. That helps with arthritis. That’s cool. I’m thinking about doing an ancestry dna myself. Tfs

  7. GlamRight says:

    This was so fun to watch, thanks for sharing!

  8. Diva, this was so exciting. I was amazed. I now want to do my DNA results. When I was a Personal Chef I had a chance to visit Angola and Nigeria. I was in Orlando Florida for my birthday the end of May. I plain to come back in Aug. I have a Universal Studios pass. Stay safe and drink lots of water eat watermelon and cucumbers so that you can flash the sugars out quickly.

  9. Great video hun very interesting

  10. African Caribbean nice, I see my little tiny island.

  11. Sugar is my crack and I have been told to cut back but will power is none existent right now.

    This is incredible. African Caribbean Migration. Even shows the timeline.

  12. Vicky J says:

    It's great to hear your results I remember when you did the test a while back. History is such a good thing to follow up on and knowing where exactly we generated from.. tfs beauty.????

  13. Good morning Sheryl happy Sunday this was really nice sis you look gorgeous thanks for sharing have a wonderful and awesome day peace and blessings.?❤️????

  14. Hi Sherly!!! I really can’t stand cold weather either!!! I so dislike winter!!! Wow!! This was so awesome to know what DNA!!! You have!!! That is so cool Sherly!!! And the good thing is that you can talk to your children about this!!! One of my daughters children’s grandmother is from Haiti!!! I loved your video Sherly!!! Xoxo Pam ????

  15. I would like to do one ? thanks for sharing???

  16. Thank you fir the update. Hawaii is also in hurricane season too….??‍♀️. We both live in beautiful states but we all have those down falls when it comes to Mother Nature.

  17. Hey sis makeup is beautiful also hairstyle??

  18. Thumbs up #3…Thanks for sharing this.

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