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DNA Test. Comparing autosomal test results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA and MyHeritage

DNA Test. Comparing autosomal test results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA and MyHeritage

I transferred my raw DNA data from Ancestry.com to FTDNA and My Heritage, and this is what I found out.


31 thoughts on “DNA Test. Comparing autosomal test results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA and MyHeritage

  1. Try 23andme. Our ancestry results were very accurate and spot on.

  2. chilvari says:

    Overall, I think Ancestry, FTDNA, MyHeritage and Gedmatch are pretty accurate in some areas and less so in others. I'm 62.9% African, 34.2% European and 2.9% Native American (South/Central American) according to MyHeritage. That's actually really consistent with my GEDmatch results whereas Ancestry has me at 66% vs. 32% vs. 2% and FTDNA has me at 65% vs. 31% vs. <4% of various regions. MyHeritage & GEDmatch also recognize traces of East African & Central African ancestry (GEDmatch also recognizes traces of other regions such as Caucasus, West Asian, Middle Eastern, etc.) whereas Ancestry DNA only has a reference population for West Africa. However, I will say that Ancestry does have me at 1% Native American, 1% Africa North and 1% Polynesian while FTDNA has me at <1% East/Central Africa and <1% Northeast Asia. But even so, MyHeritage seems to have more than just West African regions as far as African ancestry is concerned. They also have specific regions for Indigenous ancestry. On the flip side though, MyHeritage doesn't have a very large database/reference population so most of my West African ancestry is labeled as Nigerian. I'm also not sure about my percentage of Iberian. My mom is Puerto Rican so obviously I have Iberian ancestry. But while Ancestry and FTDNA have me at 10% and 7% respectively, MyHeritage has me at 25%. I would love to be 1/4 Iberian since I'm Afro-Latina but I'm not sure if it's accurate. I'm also British according to Ancestry and FTDNA while MyHeritage has me at 0% (unless they just grouped it with the Iberian, I dunno. But they do recognize some Irish/Scottish/Welsh ancestry which is part of the Great Britain region. Ancestry DNA also recognizes it but just like with my MyHeritage, they separate it from English/British ancestry).

  3. Are you doing this on company time(at work)?

  4. Jo Lenares says:

    My Heritage seems more true

  5. I think your African and West Asian connections are connected to your Sephardic ancestry – some Sephardic converted, mostly by force, but many also went to North Africa and the Middle East, so many people in those areas may have Sephardic Jewish ancestry, even if they are not Jewish themselves. Jews could also take wives in those areas from native populations who were not Muslim (i.e. Pagan or Christian) who were sometimes slaves also so they would have native ancestry.

  6. thankyou for sharing…I agree with a few comments on the benefits of each company

  7. Mizosoop says:

    I don't know why I didn't think about this. I'm making an Excel spreadsheet, right now!

  8. I believe you can find your Y DNA from your AncestryDNA data with this:

    “To obtain your haplogroup, you'll need to run the raw data file through Promethease.com. This service reads your DNA test results and outputs a health report, all for the very low cost of $5 (there's also a slower free version available here). Simply upload the file you received from AncestryDNA to the Promethease website and it will provide you a health report. Just remember to save the report to your computer after you run it, as it will expire after 30 days!”


  9. Hatty Herz says:

    Hello. You've got interesting results. I've watched all your videos about the results, and it's not quite clear—did you really have some Jewish ancestors? FTDNA looks too odd to be taken into account, but the difference between Ancestry & MyHeritage is quite obvious. The same is true about West Europe.

  10. J Baron says:

    What is your haplogroup?

  11. Yyr69 says:

    People from spain has more northafrican middle east dna, because spain was half arabic.

  12. MyHertiage DNA gave me 14.3% Iberian 5% Balkan and 2.3% West Asia…

    I don't quite understand the Iberian and Balkan…
    I don't my father so I assume it comes from him. Could you share some information on what Iberian is? Please.
    And Balkan if you might know?

    The rest of my results are Irish,Scottish and Welsh grouped in one and then English

  13. Nicole says:

    I have been tested through Ancestry and 23andme, and I've had my raw data analysed by My heritage, FTDNA and DNA.land.… the results were ALL different. I want to make a video like this at some point bc I was a bit flustered by it. 23andme was the most different and I thought that My heritage and Ancestry were spot on compared to my actual heritage, they gave me 29, 25% East Europe… FTDNA gave me 55% East Europe. 23andme said 6% East Europe and 85% NW Europe. See that's a big difference!

  14. Thank you for your research. You made this very easy to understand.

  15. magarcos says:

    FTDNA updated their information s few months ago. I had a lot of Western European too and now is different.

  16. how long did it take you to receive the myheritage dna results when you uploaded your raw data? it says 1-2 days on the site… its been about a day so far so just curious if thats about how long it took yours?

  17. I have done a DNA test via MyHeritage, which other sites can I use to upload those raw dna files?

  18. I wouldn't waste any money on these tests. They are terribly inaccurate. It's like throwing a dart. The lecturer looks Spanish to me. I won't charge you anything for my opinion either.

  19. Thanks for the video. Apparently there are a number of reasons for the discrepencies between the various companies that are nicely explained by a research scientist who specializes in studying genetic admixtures of populations. Check out his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGUhMs0Ttls (The Science of Admixture Percentages (Garrett Hellenthal)). I found it to be very informative – hope it proves interesting to you as well. Thanks again for the video.

  20. Here is a 100% accurate DNA test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BQUSqXIwAQ
    What comes to my mind is Utah=Mormon Church & 'Church' in general, Izrael as a country, Texas as a Republican 'old school' folks. How interesting the different indication of jewish % in the DNA. Remember the dangers of WWII. when defining who is jewish was sometime a subjective matter. So even genealogy companies today aren't aligned on this key issues or the measuring wrong?

  21. L lg says:

    This is so interesting. I guess your percentages are so different because your ancestry appears to be somewhat complicated, in that your Jewish, North African, and Middle Eastern backgrounds are classified so differently through the different companies. My results were very close across the board. My African was 64% through Ancestry, 63% with DNA Land, 62% with FTDNA, and 61% with myheritage. I feel most confident with my results from Ancestry and FTDNA.

  22. FTDNA sounds completely wrong, because even with the "Sephardic" thing, it is still half of the Iberian ancestry the other two tests give you. The only explanation I can think of is that they counted it as Western European, but it is weird, since it seems the have the "South Eastern European" category, I would have guessed they had the "South Western European" one as well. Also, I've seen more people with results from FTDNA and all seem to be quite off. I don't like My heritage too much either, not particularly because of your results, but because of the results it gave to other people. But your results don't seem to be that off.

  23. ec1210 says:

    23andme and Ancestry will be the most accurate. They have much larger data groups and arguably better chips.

  24. willie417 says:

    Take a look at GEDmatch.com it's free to upload & they have many tools to use

  25. Midnight says:

    Hey, you look like Pernell Roberts LOL. That's so cool. (Adam on Bonanza)

  26. Thanks for the differentiation and I enjoyed watching.

  27. wow so strange will recommend trying 23andme or national geographic 2.0

  28. Leecy C. says:

    I had a similar issue with FTDNA not showing any of my Iberian ancestry while all other websites showed it. I emailed them!

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