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DNA test results

This is a video is my personal journey on trying to find my child along with. Other topics!lol

Ig. Jusasuperstar
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20 thoughts on “DNA test results

  1. Ms. Cleo ???? don't read me

  2. . Im not a kim k fan but maybe she is trying to change people's perception of her by helping other people.

  3. Josh who you callin a sucka ????

  4. Emma May says:

    Awww, I missed it!! Come on in the room….I DRINKS THE OIL…..MY JAWS HURT.

  5. "I'm 14, just learned how to jack off…." lol

  6. Gwen Star says:

    Joshua!!! I can not !!! lol. You are some kind of wonderful…a real gentleman/sweet heart .Thanks for sharing : ))

  7. I must be a evil person because that comment the arbitrator made had me on the floor dying laughing.. im sorry but this video tickled me pussy willow pink! lol

  8. Roses 4me says:

    Josh, get them ALL together and "read them for filth!!!" You are hilarious! You're blessed and highly favored! Peace & blessings to you, and may you have success in all your business ventures. Keep the faith and your beautiful spirit.

    In Maury's voice: "In the case of Josh vs. "Harpo who dis woman?" Josh you are NOT the father!!!! (My stomach is SORE from laughing at you! "The power of the p***y". You are too funny)

  9. Josh. I use to watch you in vain. I've always had a liking for you… you said some things today that have raised my respect level for you. And oh yeah, I did like And subscribe lol

  10. I know it would be fine when momma prayed… But kudos to you for stepping up and doing the right thing… OAN: what Kim Kardashian father's intelligence have to do with her?!??

  11. RJ S says:


  12. keda b says:

    Josh that woman knew you was gay when she fucked u??she knew you was not the Daddy ??

  13. You honor you father and your mother. It’s not based on conditions. Her children are wrong

  14. Tamey N. says:

    I’m glad you received good results. I’m also happy the woman is out of prison BUT… That wasn’t nothing but a big publicity stunt between Kim and Trump. You’re giving her way too much credit, especially saying she has an ounce of the smarts her father had. Everything Kim and Trump does is very calculated and done for publicity. Again I’m happy that it freed that black woman BUT…. I’m still not believing that it came from a pure heart.

  15. Josh I’m a big fan and I’m in Atl for a few days .. let’s get a drink !!! You give me life ??

  16. Josh, you the man and I love you back. ?

  17. Jacquelyne says:

    I took off of watching other YouTube channels just to see you graduate with your PhD in Anti-Pettiness. I know Michelle is so so proud of you! That is such a distinguished accomplishment in these YouTube streets. People are repeating the same class over and over until they just flunk out of school. No one can seem to pass the class but you did! I am so proud of you!

  18. Luvly Soul says:

    Awww, I was low key hoping you was the pappy.

  19. I glad Kim and Kanye was able to help Ms Alice get free. I will leave it at that. Van Jones is trying to work with Trump to change prison sentencing and prison reform. Jared Kushner Trump’s son in law has a interest and passion for prison sentencing and reform because his father is or was locked up and it felt something was unfair about the process or/sentencing. I don’t like Donald Trump but I agree their needs to be some changes.

  20. Say Vay says:

    You do know that it was a smoke screen for Trump pardoning his son-in-law, right Josh? So it wasn't to help us…once again.

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