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DNA Website MyHeritage Hacked; 92 Million User Accounts Exposed

DNA Website MyHeritage Hacked; 92 Million User Accounts Exposed

In an odd coincidence, earlier today we asked rhetorically “what could go wrong” if millions of Americans trust a DNA collecting company – in this case ancestry.com – with their genetic code. At almost the exact same time, Bloomberg reported that the Israeli-based consumer genealogy website, MyHeritage had been hacked, and that the email addresses and password information linked to more than 92 million user accounts have been “compromised.”

According to MyHeritage, its security officer had received a message from a researcher who unearthed a file named “myheritage” containing email addresses and hashed passwords of 92,283,889 of its users on a private server outside the company.

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30 thoughts on “DNA Website MyHeritage Hacked; 92 Million User Accounts Exposed

  1. I knew this was coming. I agree with Man O War below-the info was sold….probably to the same people who bought the FB data from Suckerburg.

  2. Josh Druke says:

    You said about the flight hacks? Well think more along these lines when you trying to find the real problems causing catastrophes.

  3. Saw THIS coming a mile away. SUB ME.

  4. Yo last night I went to bed and got up this morning to finish listening to the Friday Night Show when it was deleted just wondering what happened

  5. WestWorld comes to mind as well…

  6. I received a letter from the Dept of Homeland security some time ago that ALL my information including my FINGERPRINTS were compromised. I believe these hacks are being conducted "in house" Mother Fuckers

  7. RE: My Heritage DNA testing hacking. This is why I decided to not do my testing with My Heritage, My Ancestry, You and me because of who they are affiliated with based on my research. FT-DNA will dispose of DNA after all is done upon client requests and the trick is to not give your confidential DNA data out to strangers and use a different name while seaching. There is far too many ill advised people advertising their personal DNA desperately searching for ancesters and family members. If you don't want to be hacked don't carelessly put all your personal family stuff out there. Especially health DNA as you can lose on Health insurance based on your DNA testing. Caution!

  8. Thanks for the heads up, DAHBOO. So, what does happen? So now this company has given away my DNA, who is going to do what with it? Isn't it "MY" DNA?! I did not give my consent to lose my results in the data-base.. This DNA company has breached my personal safety. My Heritage.com is out of Israel. They show me as 100.0 North and West Europe, if everyone wants to know. Mostly British and Irish. Is that surprising? I will have to contact them and let them know my disappointment in them. I was going to have more family members use this company, but not now!

  9. Imagine…Monsanto gets all this DNA data. Are their poisons showing up in the population?….time to change formulas before the lawsuits happen.

  10. Amen Midnight Hour! I guarantee they don't want mine or your Holy Spirit filled with the fire of God bodies, lol! That's ok! In the end, when Jesus comes back and destroys Satan and all his followers and sets up his Kingdom on Earth all these foolish Elites who think they are god's and seek to create eternal life, will be receiving eternal damnation instead! Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life, and no man, but no man can come to the Father but through him! So try as they may, they will all inevitably fail! And as far as our earthly bodies we have now, they may kill us, but those who have the seal of God on their lives will never be able to be cloned! I know, that I know that God would disintegrate or destroy the cloning machines if they ever try it on a child of God! Remember he said not one hair on your head will be harmed! One day we will all have new resurrected bodies, immortal bodies living with Jesus! And the world didn't give it, God gave us our bodies and when we are born again through Christ Jesus, the world can't take it away! I never trusted these DNA testing Sites, I knew through discernment of the Holy Spirit a long, long time ago that it would be used for evil purposes!

  11. (T)Inana. says:

    Tell me about it.I had a feeling that they took my blood and I believe they were lied to me that they Loose it and they told me that it felt on the floor and Broke.I dont know.Its sucks when they do that in LAB..And they still wants me to go Give more Blood during my Pregnancy.Its like Every week i have to do that..Sometimes i am getting light headed from Sucking me Dry like a VAMPIRE.And I HATE NEEDLES…And what they found is I have Hepatitis B so I need to check in for Blood test but the doctor told me that THEY FOUND something is strange about my DNA.That I can't spread it to anyone else..
    My ancient DNA triggered itself or awaken in my body and kills the Virus..Like hepatitis B itself.Its automatically Healed Mybody.
    I am Immune to any Virus.Including Ebola or whatever comes my way.Mental problems or Bio polar, Dementia or Alzeihmers was below 0 % in my category of Health.
    I am suspicious of what's going on.That time when my younger sister was still alive but when she pass away with the baby died also.She obviously just Bleed to Death in the Hospital..And what's really piss me off this day..
    That they Gut her open.And took all her BODY parts without letting My familys knows or asked my family's for a permission especily my Mother that they can Take her kidney,Liver and Heart..When they done.They just Patched her up LIKE A BAG OF POTATOES OR GARBAGE..The shape of a Surgery is SHAPE LIKE A FISH HOOK..
    I pray that those PEOPLES Who done that to her..Will burns,Suffer CHAOS FOR eternity Day and NIGHT..Let them Suffer..That's the PROBLEMS when a Doctor is a Japanese man married to A British Woman and they are both doctors. Talking about 2 Dragon's HEAD join their heads together and may SINK TOGETHER..

  12. B D says:


  13. Kelly Kim says:

    I always new this was
    gonna happen!!!…it was to predictable if anyone's awake. That's why I've always said to people don't do these tests. Scary to think what they can do with them

  14. Maxi O says:

    I thought DNA was already hacked anyway

  15. Last night's episode of the show "Taken" had a plot like this in the storyline where some Organ Trafficking ring was stealing information from a DNA database, prowling for a matching victim to kidnap and do a transplant for a rich buyer!

  16. Framing people for crimes is what the criminals are wanting. I bet it was also sold not stolen.

  17. They do not want your DNA they want your financial information.

  18. сосать наши диеты либеральные трахает
    We're hack dna of liberals to see what planet they came

  19. well if you werent so egotisticle and stupid with your money you wouldnt have to be worrying about your dna data.just cause ya can dont mean ya should too bad so sad for you,stupid.maybe that'll learn ya.

  20. UOY KCUF says:

    So bank robberies dont matter if there is no evidence the cash is not yet spent?

  21. Lmfao. Stupid ass people. Long ago when people were sane you would request a warrant for your DNA. Now the stupid just give it up willingly for nothing.

  22. Looking for organ donors watch your kidneys yall

  23. Dude they could say this dna was found at a crime. That person is done, totally done

  24. I've done these DNA heritage searches too. For ppl like me who have missing ppl/pieces to their family history it's beneficial. However, I don't condone this for everyone. It is getting more strange. Might be too useful to map out which part of the courty is most susceptible to diseases XW&Z.

  25. Now the Vatican has some competition .

  26. Anyone who woild send their DNA off to some random site for research is bat shit crazy. Lol if someone wants my DNA they will have to kill me.

  27. josh woods says:

    I personally think its the alphabet groups that are being givin this data freely under the all these fake narratives of being hacked.

  28. Ed G says:

    Do folks not realize how easy it would be for someone to get someones else DNA?

  29. didnt a very popular youtube just talk about this? was it shane dawson?

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