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Dominica 23andme DNA Results!

Dominica 23andme DNA Results!

Just a little about me and my ancestry…. Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “Dominica 23andme DNA Results!

  1. Guys this isn't the Dominican Republic this is another place

  2. U said I don't look good u liar ur beautiful .stop it

  3. 'Caribs' = Kalinago. Despite tragic hurricane, a wonderful place to visit.

  4. Was so hard to find people ancestry videos that weren't Dominican Republic. Thank you!

  5. Mizosoop says:

    Kalinago, Carib. My dad was from Dominica, and his parents.

  6. Mizosoop says:

    Kalinago, Carib. My dad was from Dominica, and his family.

  7. Alex Wood says:

    It just shows- sometimes siblings pic up more or less from one parent so you don't always get to see 100% of your ancestry. I just found out my grandma is Aboriginal Australian- with one White parent- and I thought about doing a DNA test to find out where my great granddad is from but I worry it wouldn't even tell me. My grandma is the only mystery on my tree, I know where everyone else is from generations back. Trouble is, I don't talk to my dad's family and I know some of these dna kits try to connect you with 'relatives' and I'd be scared they'd find me :/

  8. your similar to the average african American that shows that some places in the Caribbean have the same ancestry to those of african Americans

  9. Jhenry UK says:

    alot of these dna test are for brainwashing , if your parents are from Dominica there's no way you have more African than American in you. I'm from Dominica and st Vincent, I'm a carib and I live in London. we are natives at the most, the lower Antilles is north America, we are the descendants of the carib , arawaks, garifuna , taino, and other West Indian aborigines.
    they call you Americans, African Americans, So you give over all your indigenous rights to land buy not nowin who you really are.

  10. Great results beautiful lady! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Dominican Republic and Dominica are different countries, but they are not different culture and identity racial. Both Country have or share the Black African heritage. Both share the same history of the slavery. Dominicans and Dominico are practically, brothers.

  12. nice..ever thought about ancestry dna? it will tell u which parts of Africa u are from..my highest african country is Ivory coast/ ghana 20%

  13. r sims says:

    whats yo haplogroup? and what do u mean u look rough? u wouldnt get the starring role for rough looking girl. u look just fine.

  14. Lego DC says:

    Thank you for sharing! Very interesting.

  15. ey at least some of the native DNA got to you, those Caribs were crazy, read Christopher Columbus Auto-Biography called "The Four Voyages".

  16. You're so beautiful!!!

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