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DUH I’m African!!! ? INCOMPLETE MyHeritage DNA 1st Results

DUH I’m African!!! ? INCOMPLETE MyHeritage DNA 1st Results

Seriously, of course I’m African, I didn’t need a test to tell me that lol MyHeritage DNA SHOCKED me but they were kind and polite and check my new video for my updated results! ONLY positive comments please! All and all, I really encourage everyone to dig into your family tree, if possible, honestly that answers all of your questions, but it was cool! I truly believe all people are beautiful! I am proud to be apart of my family,God has placed me in. This is me, but most importantly I am a child of God and so are you! XOXO
|Results start at 1:57| -My family and I just laughed about it

MyHeritageDNA Incomplete Results
European 89.4%
40.3% North and West European (French and German)
32% Scandinavian
16.9% East European
5.7% Native American
4.9% Asian (Nepal/Central Asian)


41 thoughts on “DUH I’m African!!! ? INCOMPLETE MyHeritage DNA 1st Results

  1. Apparently there is a possible glitch with the companies DNA. I have been contacted by them. They are re-evaluating my results tomorrow I should have an update. I’m waiting to see and will share the update, let’s see ??but I expect to still see European, American and Indian ???

  2. India people are black skinned just cause you have dark skindont mean you African I seen India people darker than black person .with dark skin aboriginies are black skinned they not African

  3. Lol. I wonder who got yours? Probably that 'Whoa Vicky' Chick, Running around saying she's a black girl. ??

  4. redrobiin says:

    I would not worry too much, back in the day indigenous indians of America where has black as Africans but more copper coloured. Its rare for them to get it right. maybe you are the lucky one.

  5. Hahahah if u black you from Africa but this results is wrong my dear.why u worry if no Africa lol just do a new test

  6. cha lalita says:

    I cant wait anymore bye

  7. J D says:

    Lol…Clearly there's an issue from the outset but she keeps thinking to herself…could this be right? I'm mostly European? Um no, probably not.

  8. Hope Happy says:

    Did you get a new test. Update please lol

  9. Hope Happy says:

    Did you get a new test. Update please lol

  10. you are dark skin were are all the black skin people are at in Africa … India, and the difference is the hair

  11. First off, its DNA. That means its all of you as far back as they are able to go. Dna is where you come from culture is how you grew up. I Have african in my dna it didnt shock me. Navajo showing up didn’t shock me. Wondering who hacked their way out of el salvador to give me kichwa dna shocked me. Easter island floored me. You are thinking skincolor not 10,000 years of human travel.

  12. ronaldonmg says:

    I'm not going to read all those coments. there are no genes for ethnicity or nationality, and they don't come in percentages. Ancestry-DNA-tests merely compare your 47 independently passed-on bundles of DNA with those of other people who had theirs tested, and tell you where the most similar ones are most commonly found. Your parent or sibling will share about half of their bundles with you

  13. Nacho says:

    Please reframe your mental state. Africa is a continent. Frame your mind according to "Am I negroid/caucasoid/mongoloid?" Anyone can inhabit a continent at any time and have multiple races on it.

  14. mplsridah says:

    If this video is not solid proof that DNA testing is fake, I don't know is. It's just Zionist money grabbing scheme. Please get a refund an apology.

  15. When I saw you're final results, I kinda laughed I'm sorry, that company my heritage DNA is a scam for sure. hope you get your money back or get retested with more accurate results.

  16. Chris B says:

    lol! I’m more African than you!

  17. Lol i thought the same thing maybe she kissed a white guy and contaminated the sample…..

  18. Tugela60 says:

    Obviously they fucked up and got your DNA mixed up with someone else. Just think, there is some white girl out there who has been told that she is actually black, lol……your twin in spirit, she is just as confused as you 😉

    And btw, to be African you have to be born there, which I suspect you were not.

  19. They made a huge error.

  20. Rofl…. I only can imagine the blonde head from northern europe getting a "you are 83% African"

  21. Mrhycannon says:

    Don't feel so bad.. They screwed mine up too.. I have documentation for several generations of my ancestors and a few who go back several centuries.. My test results said 69% Scandinavian, 12 1/2% Iberian, 15% British Isles.. There was absolutely no mention of my German or Shawnee heritage or of the overwhelming amount of Gaelic..
    There are identical triplets in Scandinavia who were tested.. Each girl's sample was sent to a different lab.. Each one got different results.. They should have all been alike..

  22. It not a mistake it is that they use one type of dna that is share with all people. You have to realize the viking and other people who travel all over the place they lift their mark. Also you might not be africa.

  23. Thats someone elses dna yes

  24. Your DNA is important for the mainkind. Your tribe went pretty early to Europe and to Amerika. Make a secound test to proof it.

    Robert from Germany

  25. Great One says:

    LOL. Tell that to white people . Lol

  26. You don’t look African. I thought you had roots from India. Hummmmm

  27. jpt610 says:

    You should do 23andme…

  28. Skin color does not matter, it is the dominant Y on the father side that carries over from generation to generation.

  29. I got surprised with mine too! I have North & East African, Arab & much more….

  30. Your results were hysterical. I am glad you got retested because it was so obvious those results were not yours.


  32. 1 hour ago
    give a white man a pile of bricks and he will build you a city give a black man a city and he will give you a pile of bricks

  33. That brings all their DNA results into question……save you money!

  34. John NY says:

    European 89.4%? I was betting on 95%. J/K, ha ha.

  35. Your not black just accept you're a white Indian

  36. Kemkaz says:

    First your are a beautiful young lady . , you actually said the correct answer, i believe , "Indigenous " many people, do not know, that many Black or dark skinned people are native to the area's they say on this . And no kissing, would not work the way you say . 😉
    Enjoy your life as you are . "Bless " . you are beautiful .

  37. Does it really matter. You'll wake up tomorrow, go to work, leave early to meet up with friends. You'll come home, your husband will greet you, you'll eat dinner, you both will watch a movie on the sofa and go to bed.

  38. yeah this isn't accurate.

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