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First Time at the RENAISSANCE FAIRE! (Beauty Trippin)

First Time at the RENAISSANCE FAIRE! (Beauty Trippin)

Beauty Trippin is going where it’s NEVER gone before: the RENAISSANCE FAIRE!! First-timer Joslyn and Ren Faire pro Jarrett party like it’s 1499 – complete with medieval costumes, turkey legs, and ye old tyme shenanigans.

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Ren Faires and Festivals are basically Coachella…except, instead of rappers there’s lute players and instead of glitter there’s cosplay!! Totally the same thing.

Joslyn’s a fashionista who has never been near a Ren Faire and is totally new to LARPing. Jarrett is a DND-loving athlete who used to work the henna booth. Today, they transform into LADY REGINA and LORD REGINALD – the aristocratic twin heirs of a great kingdom plotting to get rid of the other (if only their sordid affair didn’t get in the way…)

Yeah, this Beauty Trippin shopping challenge goes from King Arthur to Game of Thrones pretty fast – ENJOY!!

Special thanks to Make Believe Costumes & Dance Wear for making this fantasy transformation possible!! ►► https://www.makebelieveinccostumes.com/

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21 thoughts on “First Time at the RENAISSANCE FAIRE! (Beauty Trippin)

  1. Joslyn says "Azzezzories"

  2. Ihave to say, the green dress was better

  3. Jared reminds me of a straight version of Blaine from glee

  4. I never knew I needed 2 joslyns till now

  5. Gerard's accent is spot on!!!

  6. I went and had to work and I’m never going back lol it’s very strict they want everything as realistic as possible when working it no silky or shiny costume material they want itchy realistic material only or they get mad if you are single and of age do thirteen and up you wear a flower crown to show men you are available and people get so into acting they’ll offer your parents to buy you if they see you with the flower crown also when working you can’t be caught eating from paper plates or drinking from water bottles food and drinks must be in ceramic bowls and mugs but it was overall a cool experience and they just wanted it to be as realistic as possible to keep it fun

  7. 95% sure she has the crown on upside down lol

  8. Jarrett is the greatest. We need more of him

  9. One of the best beauty trippins i've seen. And i've seen them all

  10. Jarrett’s second outfit gave me feelings and Joslyn looked like a straight up elven princess in hers

  11. This is the best video that I’ve ever seen?

  12. cullycucc says:

    I see Jarrett, I click.

  13. I LIVE for renaissance fairs. It’s become a tradition in my family every year (and yes we all dress up). ALSO I love this pairing of you two! Staying in character the whole time was amazing

  14. I go to the renn faire every year.

  15. Honestly best duo for trying new things

  16. Jarrett and Jos go larping next!

  17. thats a juicy ass pickle

  18. KKaye1122 says:

    "throw money at you and say 'ehhh"" ahaha

  19. I love this ?❤❤

  20. I love Jarrett so much ? he's the best part of Clevver ?♥️

  21. I'm half convinced the woman tasked with dressing them up is related to Maureen Johnson.

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