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HOW TO APPLY EYESHADOW https://youtu.be/BuPZjBlmyD4?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5
HOW TO APPLY EYELINER https://youtu.be/SKqa1Fa6Gto?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5
HOW TO APPLY LASHES https://youtu.be/RHzsWy7Fxbo?list=PLet8_csOZV7H8y6kI4ulmy608CzJgKzO5
HOW TO EASY NATURAL BROWS https://youtu.be/yO0GKOBs0sc
EVERYDAY SLAY TUTORIALS https://youtu.be/CLtE5yemzh4?list=PLet8_csOZV7FyFYdtSuPZL93_gH4NpEpf
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HOW I LOST 23LBS https://youtu.be/1K3AhA-eBCU

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Mac Emphasize Shaping powder http://bit.ly/2HGUaxd
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Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude http://bit.ly/2Iwha2O
Tom Ford First Time lipstick http://bit.ly/2JA1tJl

Tom Ford Bronzer brush http://bit.ly/2GALKft
Tom Ford blush brush http://bit.ly/2GAhrBn
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Smith 232 https://goo.gl/0g9Lac
Mac 242 http://bit.ly/1Y8mfB4
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  1. wil2272 says:

    Declutters please! 🙂

  2. I am so in love with this look! I’m thinking of recreating but with a deep brown and black smoked out lower lash… I love how rosey those shades turned.. now I need this pallet!!

  3. Yes decluttering videos are my fav.

  4. This look is soooo beautiful! I love, love, love a chatty get ready with me xxx

  5. Love the brows! Definitely getting some Brooke shields vibes ????

  6. Brianna….. this look was gorgeous and perfect for Summer!!! I've always loved watching u….. and YES!!! MIX IT UP!!! ? wedding, decluttering, updates on the house, anything…. I'll watch it for sure…..?

  7. You should totally do some declutter videos and even a summer look book or some kind of clothing video!!

  8. Samantha G says:

    Everything you said about requests to videos… yes to all!
    Yes to chatty videos, ootd, outfit try ons, hauls, wedding stuff, heck! Even home reno stuff! Just yes to everything ??❤

  9. Loving that brow color on you!

  10. Watched because you had an hourglass brush in your thumbnail but you didn’t use it in the video? Did I miss it or is it a different brush. I did love the make up look however so pretty. So happy for you finding your perfect Tom Ford lippy!

  11. This pop of color on the bottom is so popular right now. Jason Aldeans wife had a very similar look at the awards show recently and I'm obsessed! So out of my comfort zone but I think I'm gonna try it ??

  12. Elli Rouse says:

    I’m not a big fan of the declutter videos, only bc I get bored. I’ll watch for a min or so & that’s all I can take. Ha. Much love! ✌️❤️?

  13. I love to use makeup too. Thankyou for your beauty videos. You are lovely!

  14. I need to start way

  15. ?I love to be beautiful like you are! Thankyou!

  16. Jo myers says:

    I would love to see wedding videos! Just remember if something goes wrong with your serving your the only one who will know, so relax and enjoy the experience. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, my husband and I got married Derby Day at a Derby party on television. My daughter is planning her weighing right now, her fiance owns a haunted house and that is how they met so they are doing touches of Halloween.

  17. Yes love declutter videos

  18. Yes to all, decluttering, fashion, wedding, chatty.. ?????????

  19. I love the eyes too! Your last video you had these eyes and I was hoping you would make a video of it haha

  20. I noticed I was unsubscribed and I am sure I didn’t do it.

  21. Love your eye look!! ?

  22. YAS tutorials ??????

  23. Girl you KILLED this look!!! Yes to wedding, decluttering, and fashion videos!!

  24. I also don’t end up liking a under eye color when I do my makeup but your is looking amazing ???
    Estée Lauder wow congrats ??

  25. Eli Glo says:

    Please do more pop-up color at the bottom! ??

  26. I’m the same as you & get bored with decluttering videos but I LOVE top 10 videos of favourites you actually use & go back to ☺️

  27. I love these types of videos. Also, a million times yes to wedding videos and incorporating fashion!

  28. Subscribers have to hit the notification bell a box will pop up at the bottom. Hit the blue button and another box will pop up in and check all. They will get all your videos that you post.

  29. Brianna….I get ALL YOUR VIDEOS!! Your subscribers need to make sure they make the bell where it has lines around it and says "All Notifications"!!

  30. MsMahamS says:

    That lipcolor is gorgeous! thanks for sharing 🙂 And a huge shoutout to more chatty videos, looking forward!

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