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Get Ready With Me // Testing NEW MAKEUP!

Get Ready With Me // Testing NEW MAKEUP!


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28 thoughts on “Get Ready With Me // Testing NEW MAKEUP!

  1. You have the perfect nose,the sweetest voice!!!!

  2. I like the petite heat palette and that blue eyeliner. Eye shadow look is fab! I’m going to have to try and recreate it. No to that brontour. Just no.

  3. Wow that bronzer.. is a noooo for me. I love make up but also i am little lazy and so much blending. Nooo, thank u. Great video!!

  4. tanja i says:

    Amazing look!!!! ?????????

  5. Eyezblue says:

    Gurl i freakin died with the brontour …i needed that… ??
    I LOVE the way you do these reviews and zoomed in … Yassss gurl ?xoxo
    Ps ur sooo pretty love the way your eyes look

  6. jo_ v80 says:

    That nude lip shade is perfect on you ??

  7. It came out very pretty wel done ????

  8. Yes I have been waiting for hours

  9. MariaC says:

    I love watching you because when a product confuses you, you let us know and you show it. Lol. In this case the brontour thing. I love GRWM videos i think you need to try a smokey olive green look. That color looks amazing on you. I bought one of those concealers to contour because i saw people doing that. Its just sitting there because it did not go as planned lol. Your look came out great btw!!

  10. Omg it's taking me forever to finish this lol. Everyone keeps texting me and i'm like hello ppl im watching new makeup, chill. ❣

  11. Great video , very pretty..??

  12. Kristi A. says:

    Loved this video… the eye look is stunning ?? but that brontour…?? yeah, no.. that looked like it would be ridiculously hard to work with… kind of a burden to gave to blend like that. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it after you try to go in with a lighter hand. Like if it was any easier. Anyways, great video. Thanks for sharing! See ya next time♡ ~Xo

  13. You're beautiful ? loved the look ?

  14. I got the C7 in the concealer and I think I needed 1 more shade darker but it works great..

  15. This eye look is so beautiful on you??I went to Ulta yesterday and got the Makeup Revolution concealer and I absolutely love it. But I really would like to try the foundation stick. Such a great video.? Sending hugs from Tennessee ❤ ✨ ❤ ✨ ALWAYS

  16. Lisa Greig says:

    Those eyeshadow shades really suit you….Thanks for the video ??

  17. Nea Tuđan says:

    You're so beutiful ??

  18. Omg when you added that brontour I laughed so hard!! You crack me up!! I love watching your videos!!

  19. Maleblade says:

    You look so lovable with lips so kissable. hugs kisses 🙂

  20. Ah I love love love this smoky eye on you. ??????

  21. Loved the look ???

  22. The eye look turned out really pretty!! I loved the happy hour shade on the lid, it really made your eyes pop! I also just purchased the makeup revolution concealer, but now I want to get the foundation stick!

  23. 8th like and easily loved it

  24. Ur eye look is beautiful ???

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