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I haven’t uploaded in a while and I felt like this was a good video to post! Like subscribe etc xo


43 thoughts on “GREEK DNA TEST RESULTS! Ancestry & MyHeritage DNA

  1. MxTooReal says:

    Your 95% european….wow

  2. I am Spanish and Italian with Greek blended in.
    It amazes me how much these three countries have in common, but then it makes sense going back to their history…with Troy⚔Sparta and then eventually Rome.. and how Rome practically replaced Celtic Spain with their own bloodline.
    Very proud of it all, to be a Greco-Roman.

    And you Greek girls are… ??

  3. John Smith says:

    Do a GEDmatch video pleeease

  4. Wow I thought you were Irish

  5. Γεια σου Κωνσταντίνα πρέπει να πω ότι έχεις πιο πολλά από εμένα δες εδώ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTd14RXPyI4&lc=z22mibui5wifznck1acdp435lox5ybpscmb4sfymzv5w03c010c.1528146084809134

  6. nenaj1 says:

    I'm Hispanic and I am from NYC. I lived in Astoria, Queens for some time which has a high Greek population. I saw many Greek girls with your skin color, light eyes, and light hair. Everyone thinks all Spaniards are dark too lol

  7. Peter 1234 says:

    Well my family did this big the most interesting one was my Father he took it and she got

    75% Greek,Turkish and Albanian

    That makes sense we were bound to have all 3 as Greeks influenced the modern world and we were very close along with Turkey having the balkans for 500 years and the Albanian makes sense because we speak Albanian and are from a high Albanian area outside of Albania (but we don’t speak real Albanian) we speak Serbian albanian that what I found interesting as nobody else had a higher result than her! Hopefully that all went to me! It was crazy as she had only 2 regions meaning her side of the family never left Eastern Europe as the other 25% was Eastern Europe and listed potential regions! Crazy right!

    What this means is throughout my family tree all the way back to centuries my entire family have spoken albanian! Now that’s just crazy to me

  8. You look more like slavic with mix with med people

  9. Πιος ειναι ελληνας;;;;;

  10. tonelow5 says:

    Your such a cutie . I love your nose ring . Your hot . Love the videos . You are my kinda girl . I wish there were more European women like your style . !!!!!!

  11. Russia Slavs50% Balt35%Finnish 7%Scandinavia 4.5)))

  12. judith k says:

    LOL I'm from turkey but i know that my ancestors came from Caucasus. You can easily pass as Turkish or Caucasian. I guess we're all a lil mixed due to the Ottoman rule and the fact that Turkey was populated by Greeks before. I wonder what percentage Greek I am bcz some Turkish people are like 60% Greek according to their dna results.

  13. Sophia M says:

    What part of NY did you live in?

  14. Alexi S. says:

    Not all Greeks are dark Meds. There are plenty of lighter Greeks. Also Greeks and Turks did not mix during the Ottoman Empire unless a Greek converted to Islam. The vast majority of them did not. Greeks assimilated Albanians, Ventian Italians, Vlachs, Some Slavs, and Armenians(Anatolian Greeks). Greeks being very mixed in general is rather exaggerated though. This mix is about 25% to 30% of the Greek gene pool in general. It depends on the family though. Greeks are 70%-75% Hellenic for ancient times to the Byzantines.

  15. I’m Kefalonitisa too. Argostoli baby!

  16. Not Constantinople it is İSTANBUL!!!

  17. You look more German too me then Greek to be honest.

  18. Mr. Coin says:

    Jewish are not a race

  19. I want to know mine. I know I have some Scottish or Irish,German and I have “Greek feet” so Idk I’m not sure if the Greek feet means it’s actually in your dna or not.

  20. Albanian from Kosovo:

    74% Greece, Albania
    21% central balkan ( Kosovo , Serbia)
    5% Iberian ? Heheh

  21. To me you seem a lot "stereotypical Greek" and I would not be surprised if you were to score higher… Also you have some DNA from almost all the other minor categories that an average Greek would have… I mean I could not look at you and say "I think this girl cannot be Greek", while I could say "I think this girl cannot be non-Greek"… Some foreigners may have wrong perceptions about how Greeks look like… Perhaps the Britons think that all Greeks are like the Greek Cypriots who are generally more dark-skinned. But the Cypriots are also more exposed to the sun, and one has to take that into account as well, while there are of course many blonde etc Cypriots too, and many darker-skinned Greeks from Greece. But even when considering the nuanced shades of skin colour, most other [facial etc] traits are similar.

  22. mackjeez says:

    Ancestry has a very small pool size when it comes to some regions. Because of this they bundle regions together. If you're Greek you use Myheritage because of the larger pool size and accurate algorithm.

  23. mall rat says:

    im only 15% greek but I am so proud of it & I am traveling to greece in mid July! where are the best places to socialize in Athens? im also
    49% American
    16% spaniard
    5% russia
    5% middle east

  24. in mine in greece i got 98 percent no suprise i am greek XD

  25. Mousa Da says:

    Greeks are related to the Levant in the ME
    Christianity was born in Syria and Bible was written in Syriac/Aramaic (ancient Syrian language).
    Greeks took this culture, now most Christians in Syria called Greek Orthodox or Greek Catholic.
    I'm Syrian descended from Greek Orthodox family. I don't really know why we're called Greek Orthodox! not Syrian Orthodox!
    They took also their alphabet from the Phoenician alphabet which is derived from the Sumarian language first written language in the world

  26. Mousa Da says:

    Your Middle Eastern roots means: Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine and Iraq.
    Arabs in Arabian desert never reached Greece, but Greeks and people of the Eastern coast of Mediterranean travelled abroad in the Hellenistic and Roman periods + Greek was a spoken language in Syria before the MusIim conquest.


  28. Furkan K. says:

    I am from İzmir and i have %63 greek dna . My mother from Crete Island , their grandparents came from there. And my father from Kyzikos(Erdek) in Turkey. It was a greek village in the past. My biology is Greek but my opinion is Turk.

  29. Turkey means Armenian also Caucasus. Turkey was 100 years ago Armenia. The Turkish people have central asiatic DNA. So you are 21% Armenian.

  30. My Heritage is quite inaccurate in my opinion..I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.ru/ with more than 400 regions.

  31. The Caucasus percentage could also be Persian…we have a long history together. I’m Persian and I got 20% Europe South…unspecified though

  32. from Anatolian greek grandparents(Smyrna)  and Cypriot, crete and hios just did my dad's dna test will be sending it off have done my heritage and my ancestry as well…lets see:)

  33. Darth Moul says:

    so greeks arent white too

  34. croaky voice, part frog?..

  35. I am from Greece do you speak Greek?

  36. You are a 100% beautiful Greek Girl.

  37. am from greek parents, but a will like to do the test

  38. I had recently done my own test and I have had received not so surprising results but still proud
    85% West Asian
    3% Iraqi Jewish

  39. Freeway says:

    I am an Amazigh from Morocco, city Agadir. My Myheritage results: North African88.1% Iberian9.8% Nigerian2.1%

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