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37 thoughts on “HUSBAND WAXES MY LEGS FOR THE FIRST TIME | Onision & Laineybot

  1. lena hunt says:

    I find t so funny how he's. Enjoying this and I also love the fact there both having fun while doing this u can see how much they love each other I wish I find someone and have the ame friendship

  2. Lainey can you please get help
    You look unhealthily skinny
    It's scary how skinny you've gotten
    Please take care of yourself

  3. Why the hell does someone’s crotch bother y’all? Gtfo ? Y’all are so childish to come on someone’s video that they worked hard on and comment something completely off topic and rude.

  4. amanda says:

    your next video should be you and greg washing your feet for the first time

  5. N. Calhoun says:

    Wow, this woman is literally starving herself and yes I am saying it. She has been caught on proana sites before and its not something that just goes away without help which she admits she has never gotten (I speak from experience). From one recovering Ana to another, she has a problem. Her leg is the size of a normal persons arm. Look at Gregs arm compared to her leg, that isn't normal.

  6. All these people in the comments are pervs like stop looking at their private parts wtf. I didn’t even notice I was busy watching the waxing part of the video an y’all bein nasty looking at other stuff

  7. youre so pretty im just saying

  8. Ok, why is this entire fucking comment section filled with hate? Don’t like Lainey, DONT FUCKING WATCH!!! It’s that simple, you want to be an asshat to someone go to someone else’s channel, Lainey has been through enough, they are awesome, beautiful, and talented, and shame on all of you who can’t see that. Lainey I doubt you will ever see this, but I’m sorry for all of the idiocy and hate in this comment section, and any one stupid enough to comment anything hateful here, doesn’t deserve your attention, so I hope that in the midst of all this negativity, you might see this and it will make your day just a bit happier.

  9. Y'all need to fucking chill okay?? We dont know if it was vaginal discharge or her period, or even piss. But every girls underwear looks like that at some point. They may not be a girl but still have to go through the things the female body does so just shut the fuck up and continue with your life instead of stopping and having to comment about something you arent sure of

  10. gross wtf why is she so wet

  11. Lainey is such a wuss I love it ??? has tattoos but can’t handle a damn wax strip ???

  12. Mariah says:

    You all need to stop being so fucking hateful

  13. I think the stain was vaginal discharge, not piss…..

  14. why didn't you edit the soggy undies out? 🙁 this was in my suggested videos I think the waxing bit is entertaining but I wasn't ready for the soggy undies >.>

  15. 5:34 nasty piss stained underwear. You sure do like to show your vag and titties for someone who claims to have dysphoria.

  16. 4:40 Got your nasty pussy lips hangin out but you're so trans lol showin your titties and nipples in your other video that got taken down.

  17. Put your putrid vag juice encrusted boxers away, you degenerate. No one needs to see that shit.

  18. Her foundation shade is way off

  19. monakw says:

    I know you ALL tryed it!
    lol 0_O

  20. It's not pee, chill tf out

  21. Make a channel together lmaooo

  22. Max Reed says:

    Omg I love Veet lol. Love you lainey ❤

  23. Everyone is talking about the crotch wet spot but all I'm thinking is that DEM FEET NEED SOME SCRUBBING

  24. Why did she delete her self care video? Did she shit her pants in that one?!

  25. did she delete a video or am i seeing things again

  26. What happened to Sundays video? What's with the sudden boob and crotch shots?? How are you kid friendly? Can you say grooming?? I have lost hope for Taylor.

  27. monakw says:

    close your eyes throughout the video and imagine them having sex. 0_o

  28. 4:44 The way they said "no" a bunch of times was just the cutest thing ever!<3

  29. I actually liked her videos with her friends and family. Seemed like a happy person for once.

  30. Depi Panda says:

    laineybot got beautiful legs

  31. Yall prolly have sex in front of your kids. Weird trashy creepy

  32. Aminah MT says:

    Why are the bottoms of their feet Yello

  33. Mario Mari says:

    Just like every other male, she waxes her leg, pit arm, etc. with the help of her male husband.
    edit all that wile screaming (you guested) like a little girl.
    Seems legit.

  34. Moo Zu'li says:

    omg lainey, i love your reactions xD id literally have the same reactions but id sound more like a fat llama.

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