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I got my DNA RESULTS: Comparing 23 and Me with Ancestry DNA Savage Scientist

I got my DNA RESULTS: Comparing 23 and Me with Ancestry DNA Savage Scientist

Results 2:41
Really wan to grow your channel post a Ancestry DNA video.
Last year I took 2 Ancestry DNA tests and one 23 and me test to compare the results.

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29 thoughts on “I got my DNA RESULTS: Comparing 23 and Me with Ancestry DNA Savage Scientist

  1. Thanks for all the people who watched this VIDEO consider subscribing to my channel, I am surprised this video got 7200 but dammit the average Ancestry video has more than 10k views.

  2. This is hilarious af. I want you to read my results one of these days.

  3. You are the tribe of isreal

  4. So how did your people get here ?

  5. You look and act like Mike Epps!

  6. Wow that's pretty awesome oh so you guys scamming and your blood okay that's speak the truth now LOL I thought about doing one of those who knows thank you for sharing man

  7. I enjoyed your humor,, my percentage was 82 !! im mostly Nigerian..Ancestry dot com test.

  8. lumumba says:


  9. Brother you are 100 % savage. Congratulations.

  10. Indians are south asian brother

  11. Loved the screen grab show and tell made me smile! And chuckle !

  12. Gulia Rose says:

    So cool! I’m biracial and got 43% African, 54% European and 3% Asian.people really wanted to try and say I wasn’t biracial because I didn’t get 50% lol like it’s rare to have anyone be 100% anything.

  13. John Hales says:

    Jewish is to say one is part Muslim or Christian. To say you are part Jewish (Arab) is in reality part middel eastern not part geneticaly part of a religion that is and was diverse non descript genetic group of middel eastern Arab peoples. Which realy puts the reality of antisemanticness (antisemantic=opposed to Arab's ie native middel easterners ie Arabs; puts the current Isreal in perspective being anti-Semitic so self hating in that perspectiv, or in reality saying "we are the only real or good Arabs". Now the common nose hair etc attributed to the religion Jewish is from those folks indulging much in inbreeding convinced they were a different form of Arabs.

  14. The other view over your Indigenous Ancestry, I believe that you certainly are either <1% or-2.7% whichever BC if it were found on a crime scene even less than 1% the person would be found guilty! so those drops are gold, don't ignore them. if it weren't in your results at all then I rest my case.
    remember this is for enjoyment only because you can only keep those results throughout the term of this particular lifetime!

  15. All of them share their databases 23& me all of them! You have got to know how businesses are run today.

  16. Ekonomen says:

    I'm 36% black. Can't beat that, mayne

  17. Can we get this guy a tv show to narrate things, I am dying ?

  18. You can upload your DNA results on DNA.land to get specific ethnicity

  19. Dude, please do some solid research. All these negative reviews you are giving if the motherland are ridiculous. You need to build up your knowledge base, quick. QUICK!!!

  20. Why everything black people tell about themselves has to be negative? You need to educate yourself Better…

  21. Jay Jones says:

    Lmao! Great video!

  22. Monaedeezy says:

    Great results and commentary! Lol, you remind me of Mike Epps!

  23. Ghana!! I have met the most intelligent people in the world from Ghana when I played soccer throughout Africa. AMAZING genetic story!

  24. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Hispanic_and_Latino_Americans#cite_note-c2010-1
    ?"…Black Hispanics account for 2.5% of the entire U.S. Hispanic population…”?
    Why do so many ignorant “African” American say most Hispanics are “BLACK”
    I know most are entertaining themselves but they just reenforce the stereotype type that BLACK HAVE LOW INTELLIGENCE. Anyone with normal intelligence knows Hispanics are not black.

  25. Yea u look like some Ugandans tho

  26. Its unknown to most africans because most blacks dont spend any time studying their own history. They would rather be stupid and have fun doing it. They still make books and internet you know. No excuse to be stupid. Read Read Read if your brain still works.

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