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I TOOK A DNA TEST? – MyHeritage DNA results!

I TOOK A DNA TEST? – MyHeritage DNA results!

I took a DNA Test & teamed up with MyHeritage DNA to find out more about my background! Here are my DNA Results!
Find out yours: https://fbit.co/3y24
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23 thoughts on “I TOOK A DNA TEST? – MyHeritage DNA results!

  1. l says:

    And you found that you belong to Africa !! Go back there please!

  2. Europeans mixed among them in the previous Centuries, so this could explain why you found out that you also have Scandinavian ancestry.

  3. Safa says:


  4. Cool! My mom is from Sierra Leone! ??

  5. wow a test that actually tells you the countries and not just vague crap like ancestory

  6. I did my heritage dna test last week….both of my parents are from Barbados

  7. What was the free shipping code?

  8. Thank you so much for the free shipping coupon! I just ordered mine ?

  9. im from sweden and uganda and i have curly hair

  10. V's mullet says:

    I have curls but they r blond my dad has a
    Darker skin not rlly dark but like tanned and I rlly wanna know what's up with that? ???

  11. yet but how do you know it's true ?! they can sit there and legally for fun say ''let's tell her she's half italian and half African so she will GO CRAZY and post it on YouTube and advertise us " you don't know if these people are saying the truth . it's a business to "surprise you " you just blindly trust them ?

  12. Aya Ayah says:

    But you look black so who in the world tells you that you aren’t black? Lol that’s funny

  13. Whoop I'm 77% African too! 13% Scottish, 5% Iberian, 3% Italian and 2% Eastern European. People look at me and always think I'm mixed race because I have an Indian hair texture and light brown skin. Now I can confidently tell them I'm blick lol.

  14. England and Sweden lol

  15. I literally was like oh she looks like me. Then I saw we have almost the same percentages I’m 77% African, 21% European with 9% Scandanavian. So girl we cousins ??

  16. vallergy says:

    I found this company's test results to be the most inaccurate. They had my half sister as my 2nd cousin. Really? And I was 22% Italian. No way. I have no Italian ancestry for a fact. It started to get ridiculous. I took their testing with a tablespoon, not a grain of salt.

  17. PLEASE TELL ME… How many weeks did you wait for the test?

  18. Ntu & Eu says:

    The highlight of the video is about a black girl who finds out about her 7% scandanavian blood.

    Sooooo boring!

  19. Ancestry DNA said I was 84% African and 7% Scandinavian too lol.

  20. Avoid this DNA testing company.  They said I am 0% Native American.  I am a full blood Native American.  They say I am mostly European.  Steer clear and save your money.

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