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I WAS LIED TO…shocking myHeritage DNA results

I WAS LIED TO…shocking myHeritage DNA results

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Shocking DNA results revealed! Feel like I should be on an episode of Maury lol
Shocking DNA results
I’m Jungshook rn
Youtube says I’m not white damn
Just let me live my best life
Black girl does DNA test
Leave my tits out of this
I’m a beautiful caucasian woman
Living in my caucasian house
I’m basically Joanne the Scammer

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25 thoughts on “I WAS LIED TO…shocking myHeritage DNA results

  1. Annie Nova says:

    Okay seems like I need to make an updated pinned post since a lot of people still have an issue with my video and like to send me hate lol. I made this without doing research as like I said in the beginning I'd just gotten my results and wanted to capture my genuine first reaction. A lot of people seem to misunderstand when I said that the Balkan DNA is Croatian, I may not have worded it very clearly. Of course I know that Balkan isn't just Croatia lol what I was trying to say, was that the Balkan DNA is Croatian specifically since my family on my mother's side is Croatian. The video in its entirety is meant to be taken very light heatedly. I'm not mad or angry or anything. Just surprised at the fact that such a large chunk of me was Greek. And yes I know these DNA kits aren't always 100% accurate but like I've already said, it's just a light hearted video meant for my then 700 subscribers. I had no idea this video would blow up like it did and I'm grateful.
    P.S If you have an issue with my swearing, how about you focus on more important things like how the Philippines are spelled with a 'ph' but people from there are called Filipino spelled with an 'f'. Keeps me up at night.
    Anyways thank you for watching my video, peace n love xox

  2. I knew you were Indian even before watching this video

  3. Sub Zero says:

    She's so SUB SARANA AFRICAN LOOKING! I would say she has the physical appearance of a 90% pure subsaharan west African with 10% White European admixture!
    Sooooooo not Indian looking!
    Who is she fooling?!
    Not me….hahahaha
    Maybe East Indian a tiny bit!??
    Stay bootyful gyal!
    You you u aint!

  4. I cant find anything NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT YOU…The haters here are those who cant sit in the sun for 5 minutes coz of lack of MELANIN…

  5. You know who you are!

  6. z0d0r says:

    You show your house location

  7. You are really cute. At least I know what the recipe is now: A bit of black, a bit of Indian, a bit of Greek and some Croatia. Damn it's gonna be difficult to find that in my ancestry!

  8. Buck0338 says:

    The Greeks did not "move" to Rome in the usual sense of the word, they were taken as slaves by the Romans because they were valued for their intelligence and knowledge. The slaves were used to teach the children, among other things. I learned this from a tour guide on a tour of Rome and thought it was interesting.

  9. apparently they keep your dna and sell it for companies it was in one of shane dawsons video about a conspiracy theory

  10. I’m told I’m at least 80% Italian and I’m getting a dna test.Let’s see if that’s true.

  11. I did mine and I share 4 different countries with you, all of the African ones and Iberia

  12. What does she say in 6:47 after “that explains so much” ?

  13. Very pretty young lady–perhaps stop cursing so much…

  14. you're beautiful. tbh, you look black & white.

  15. A lot of people in the transatlantic slave trade mostly every sub-Saharan African country and them West and East I know I do even a little South Central hunter gatherer

  16. I thought you were just mixed with black and white I wouldn't think Indian I guess it depends on the country I'm in America

  17. You don't know history, spain didn't own slaves, it was forbidden

  18. Can't believe you're Nigerian omg

  19. joe smith says:

    Sexy mulatta. 🙂

  20. whats the dna swab thing called??? coz my family is just like yours and i wouldn't be shocked to find out Im mixed!!!

  21. I'm sorry but you are wrong, Spain didn't participate in slavery, it was Portugal, Spain in that time tried to stop slavery by preaching Catholicism

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