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I’AM WHAT?! | AncestryDNA results

I’AM WHAT?! | AncestryDNA results

*DISCLAIMER: This was not sponsored this was not sponsored (obviously I only got 30 subscribers lol). I did this out of curiosity I had for many years (since a very young child who was very confused).

WARNING: Horrible grammar throughout the entire video. I was filming this during a school day where I was exhausted sooo yeah.

BACKGROUND: My mom is Mexican and my dad is Dominican and I was born in the United States so I have the privilege to experience the culture of these three very different countries. Based on what I’ve learned in the past in school I knew there was much more to me which made me curious of what makes me…well me! My next step is to learn the history of my ancestors which I’m super excited for!!!

Yes believe it or not summer is FINALLY here. I’m so excited to upload more often so stay tuned and comment down ANY video suggestions for a chance to get a shoutout!

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